Bridge+15 AUG 20

Niche & Hot InvestTech series

In conjunction with Singapore FinTech Association (SFA) and Ngee Hua Expansion, Bridge+ launched their very first Niche & Hot InvestTech Series in June 2020 to engage individuals passionate about FinTech. As one of the key focus of Singapore’s Industry 4.0 transformation, FinTech refers to a growing industry cross-section between finance and technology that improves and enhances financial services. Examples include blockchain technology that functions as a digital business transaction ledger and expedites transactions and reduces fraud.

With this growing focus on FinTech to drive Singapore’s future economy, Niche & Hot InvestTech Series was initiated to be a platform to inform family offices and investors on titular topics along with the unique insights from market incumbent CEOs and FinTech startup founders.

The first edition of the series featured a distinguished panel comprising CapitaLand International CEO Gerald Yong, Fraxtor CEO Olivier Seah and Realvantage Founder Keith Ong. The topic focused on how FinTech investment platforms such as Fraxtor and RealVantage involve artificial intelligence (AI) in their real estate deal sourcing and differ from traditional real estate investment trusts (REITs). Panellists were asked if COVID-19 would favour one investment platform over another and a good insight was that AI-enabled platforms may be stronger in risk management pre-pandemic, but human intuition and assessment are key to make sense of aberrant data in this new normal. Ultimately, the consensus was that blockchain and AI technology are just tools and what matters most is the people using the tech.

This was also the first time that Bridge+ has adopted webinars to bring their events digital, due to recent social-distancing measures. Sharing the reasons why a webinar format was adopted, Bridge+ co-organiser Dominic Choa shared that online gatherings enable a wider outreach. Having numerous participants tuning in from various countries also makes it extremely valuable to have a greater exposure to questions to cater to the variety.

In the midst of available information about FinTech online, there is a huge value in having a panel of incumbent CEOs and FinTech founders to share their unique far-sighted perspectives about the industry and its prospects in a post-COVID world.

With support of the FinTech community, Bridge+ envisions to build a FinTech Hub in Singapore’s CBD with the launch of the new Bridge+ centre at 79 Robinson Road in Q4 2020. With over 56,000 square feet of flexible work and meeting spaces in its flagship centre, the new centre seeks to be the FinTech showcase to host Singapore’s FinTech community and signature events.