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Member Spotlight: Mark Leisegang, Insights


Mark Leisegang is the Head of New Markets and Strategic Alliances for Insights, the world’s largest independent preference profiling company. Centred on self-awareness, Insights has an array of people development programs to help individuals, teams, leaders and global organizations drive maximum effectiveness and reach peak performance. Insights has worked with MNCs like Johnson Johnson, Dyson, Merck, MSD, AXA, Google and not-for-profit organisations such as Conservation International and USAid, and hold our purpose of “creating a world where people truly understand themselves and others, and are inspired to make a positive difference in everything they do” very close to our heart

Mark and his team are members at Bridge+ Ascent in the Singapore Science Park.

Tell us the story of how Insights came about.

Who would have linked The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, Eric Clapton and many other famous musicians with Insights Learning Development? Our Insights founder, Andi Lothian, was the one who coined the term Beatlemania way back in the day! He was the music agent and promoter for these world-renowned musicians for their tour in Scotland. As the Swinging Sixties came to an end, Andi moved into insurance, building a successful business which was bought by a national insurer in 1988, allowing Andi to look to new horizons.

Andis interest in personal development and the typology of Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung led him to start the Insights organisation along with his son Andy. 25 years later, beyond his wildest dreams, Insights has become the world’s largest independent preference profiling company.

When did you move to Singapore and how was the journey so far?

In October 2015 Insights asked me if I would be interested in setting up an Insights business in APAC. Being the adventurous person I am, my wife and I went to Hong Kong for 3 days and Singapore for 3 days to look for a home base for Insights in APAC. A couple of weeks later we were setting plans in motion to move with our two young children to Singapore, and by July 2016 we were settling into our new home in Orchard.

We started out as a team of two (myself, and one other, who was based in the UK) and we have now grown to a team of 18 colleagues located over Singapore, Sydney and Mumbai.

Having worked across many countries in Africa for eight years, and now across APAC for the last 5, I am even more resolute in my passion and drive to unlock the potential in people cross- culturally and achieve rganisational and team effectiveness.

Our Asia Pacific team has been incredibly resilient over the challenging period of a global pandemic and I am truly proud of them. Whilst my family enjoys our life in Singapore tremendously, we do miss our friends and extended family in South Africa…and really good biltong and a braai (if you have not tried biltong or a braai you should!!!)

Are you on the lookout for any potential partnerships? If so, what kind?

Yes, we are always ready to welcome new partners into our network. In addition to the business worlds, we would love to work with associations, chambers of commerce, higher education institutions and government to enable everyone and their teams to reach their peak performance through greater self-awareness and soft skills.

Tell us your Insights Wheel Position and what does it mean?

There are 72 types on the Insights Wheel and you can think of them as postal codes for people with different preferences. I am at position 42, leading with fiery red energy – which in an Insights’ description for extroverted thinking energy.

We do have all 4 colour energies in our life and we do use them differently in varying situations. That’s what makes us unique and every one of our developmental journeys so different

If you want to find out more about Insights, feel free to check out our website or drop by our office for a chat at the west wing of Bridge+ Ascent.

Favourite music when gyming / cycling

When it comes to music while I exercise I am a bit of and old school junkie. Love U2, Pink Floyd, Pearl Jam and Nirvana, to name a few… I hear that there was a fairly active live band circuit in Singapore pre-Covid, which I never knew about. If you know the places where this happens I would appreciate you letting me in on the secret. If there is one thing I have missed most during lockdown is live music

Why Insights chose Bridge+

Insights has many global clients such as Johnson Johnson, Merck KgA and Dyson that Bridge+ has close working relationships with at Ascent. I wish we knew the Bridge+ existed earlier. It just wasn’t on our radar screen.

Favourite place at Bridge+

My favourite hangout is the Catapult room with the amazing 180 degree Igloo Vision technology and the pantry area outside. I had so much meaningful conversations in the pantry followed by a stunning presentation in the Catapult Room. The immersive experience really opens up minds and inspire new ideas.

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