Destination Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is one of the richest states with well-balanced economy.

2nd largest contributor to India's GDP with a share of 8.4%

1st in industrial performance with a share
of 11%

1st in number of factories in

1st in number of persons employed in

Home for over 64 Fortune 500

4th largest FDI inflows in to India
(FY 2017-18)

2nd longest coastline, 4 large and 22 minor seaports, 4 international and 2 domestic airports

India's most urbanised state with 48.5% of it's population living in urban areas

1018 engineering colleges and 509
polytechnical colleges

Advantage Chennai

Chennai is the capital city of Tamil Nadu. It boasts one of the finest infrastructures in the country and offers excellent living facilities such as education, medical, tourism, infrastructure and law & order.

4th largest urban area in India with a population of 11 million

Home to over 40,000

Chennai is dubbed as 'Detroit of

Excellent Social infrastructure with well-reputed educational, medical, entertainment and leisure facilities

Chennai is home to around 35 - 40% of India's total automobile industry with all global brands operating from the city

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