Our South Region General Manager, Mr Loh Chee Seng enjoyed being with CapitaLand Tiantouyong Hope School’s kids during the volunteer visit
Our South Region General Manager, Mr Loh Chee Seng enjoyed being with CapitaLand Tiantouyong Hope School’s kids during the volunteer visit

Article is contributed by Guo Yongmei, Marcom Executive, CapitaMall Maoming, CapitaMalls Asia

Traditionally, Christmas time is one of the happiest moments in the year, especially for kids, as for them it is a season of shopping spree, family reunion, and Santa Clause. For the school children at CapitaLand Tiantouyong Hope School, located in Maoming, Guangdong province, China, last Christmas season held a truly special meaning. More than a dozen Santa Clauses with bountiful seasonal gifts and heart-melting greetings surprised them with a visit in school!

This fictional character came alive again thanks to programme donor CapitaLand Hope Foundation, the philanthropic arm of CapitaLand, and our staff volunteers from CapitaMalls Asia (China) South region team. In fact, our south region team was no stranger to this CapitaLand Hope School because it was adopted by CapitaMalls Asia (China) last year. We believe that a wholesome development and a healthy school environment are of significant importance to our kids’ future. With the commitment of “building people to build for people” and caring for the community, our staff volunteers first visited the school last September during “My First Schoolbag” programme. Then, we rolled out this second school visit, hoping that we could create an upbeat end to 2012 in this lovely village school.

Bearing Good Gifts

Together with our 38 corporate volunteers, we brought materials which the school was in great need of, including stationery, 220 sets of brand new school desks and chairs, seven lecture podiums, two table tennis tables, and other sports equipment. To make our interaction with the kids more exciting and engaging, our volunteers assembled the school children and conducted a fun mini-sports competition based on age and grade. One of the favorite competition items was tug-of-war, where the kids tasted their sweet fruits of victory, leaving our volunteers to reminisce on their own precious childhood memories.

Bearing Love

Word has it that there is only one happiness in life: to love and be loved. Mr Loh Chee Seng, regional general manager of South China, who was also one of our staff volunteers, summed it up well, “As we bid farewell to the school and the kids, never were we more firmly convinced that the seed of love was taking root and would prosper in full abundance-because we care, because love never ends.”

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