Riverfront Mansion is set in scenic Hangzhou, known for its natural beauty and long considered an ideal place to call home
Riverfront Mansion is set in scenic Hangzhou, known for its natural beauty and long considered an ideal place to call home

The city of Hangzhou is legendary for its natural beauty. Nestled at the head of Hangzhou Bay on China’s coast between Shanghai and Ningbo, the capital of Zhejiang Province once inspired Marco Polo, the first European to ever visit Hangzhou, to call it "the City of Heaven, the most beautiful and magnificent in the world" at the end of the 13 th century.

In modern times, the city’s allure had not waned. In 2001, Hangzhou secured a nod from the world when it was given the United Nations Human Habitat Award. The next year, it sealed its place with the title International Garden City by the International Park and Amusement Association.

Now, CapitaLand has added another reason to call this city home, with its newly-launched 686-unit luxury residential development, Riverfront Mansion, in Hangzhou. Sitting at the crossroad of Wulin Road and Hushu Road, the nine-tower property with its prime location right at the heart of the city’s Central Business District offers premium high-rise living at its finest.

Convenient Connectivity

Riverfront Mansion, as its name suggests, is flanked by waterways, offering spectacular views of the sparkling Jinghang Grand Canal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the longest canal in the world, where it intersects the Yuhang Tang and Xitang Rivers. With Wulin Square just four kilometres and parks all around, nature and the tranquil respite it affords are also never far for the residents of the development.

In addition, the residence enjoys tremendous connectivity. It is served by major roads including Mount Mogan, Hushu and Jiaogong Roads and near subways, water buses and other modes of public transport. Offices, schools, healthcare, retail and entertainment destinations are all in close proximity to the property.

Riverfront Mansion is right next to three business areas, making commutes to work easier. Also convenient for families, the development is near reputable schools like the Hangzhou Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School, Wenlan Secondary School, Yucai Secondary School. There are plans to open choice kindergartens and Yucai Yunhe Primary School, part of the top-ranking Yucai education chain, within walking distance too.

The retail strip along Hushu Road provides ample choices for shopping and dining, be it fine cuisine or street foods. For a touch of old world charm, there is the historic and cultural XiaoHe ZhiJie where the city’s history can be savoured.

Dream Design

Design-wise, Riverfront Mansion’s aesthetic appeal is undeniable. The development features fluid lines that evoke a sense of movement. Each of its nine towers is topped with an elegant, wave-like structure reminiscent of the graceful wind-blown sails of yachts, the architect’s nod to its location by historic waterways. The overall effect from a distance is that of vessels floating languidly on the river, making Riverfront Mansion a part of Hangzhou’s scenic landscape.

Riverfront Mansion provides an intimate setting that is perfect for the modern family, with units that range between 89 and 138 square metres. Wavy panels wrap round the buildings to create balconies so that the sprawling city view can be appreciated. Select units boast terraces as well to take full advantage of the stunning vista.

Attractive Amenities

To enhance community living in a modern, city setting, Riverfront Mansion has a myriad of amenities. Apart from a fully fitted Home Club for gatherings and a business centre, the residential development has a heated indoor pool, gym, tennis courts, three-generation fitness areas that cater to the young and old, and a multi-functional suite equipped with a yoga room, video room and billiard room for hosting large parties. Sky gardens scattered across the towers invite residents to take in the panoramic view.

The grounds of Riverfront Mansion, like the city, are dotted with water features and greenery. The 10,000-square metre garden adorned with carefully selected blooms invites you to revel in its beauty just as the babbling waters of the miniature canals snaking its way across the property promise to lull you.

Set in a city renowned for its awe-inspiring beauty, located at the city centre with modern conveniences around, designed to echo the natural wonders of the locale, there are few places that can provide a more heavenly home in Hangzhou than Riverfront Mansion.