JEWEL [joo-uh l] noun: a cut and polished precious stone; gem

Singapore is probably the only city in the world where locals travel to the airport to spend their weekends. And understandably so. Consistently voted 'World's Best Airport', Changi Airport is already pretty awesome and it is about to get a lot more amazing come 2019. 

Travellers (or shoppers) would have seen the majestic dome slowly take shape over the past few years. From a car park to hoardings with massive artist's impressions, we are finally seeing the new crown jewel emerge. 

Before we bring you behind-the-scenes, let us share a little more on what you can look forward to at Jewel Changi Airport, just in case you need any convincing.

Experience the beautiful outdoors, indoors

With Singapore's largest indoor garden, over 1,400 trees and palms at the Canopy Park, experience the tranquility or go on an adventure at the Sky Nets, suspended 25-metres above ground as you enjoy a bouncy, good time!

Get lost in the Canopy Mazes and find yourself in the world's first mirror maze set in a garden. For the gutsier ones, go on the glass-bottom Canopy Bridge for a unique perspective of Jewel Changi Airport from 23-metres above ground. 


An artist's impression of the Canopy Park
An artist's impression of the Canopy Mazes
An artist's impression of the Canopy Bridge

Let's go chase waterfalls 

An architectural marvel, witness the magnificence of the world's tallest indoor waterfall at a height of 40-metres. Bring your family and friends from near and far to watch the lively dance of lights and music at the Rain Vortex every evening. 

The spectacular Rain Vortex, world's tallest indoor waterfall at 40 metres
Dine and unwind at the Garden Terraces
Enjoy a whole new shopping experience at the upcoming Jewel Changi Airport

An architectural marvel 

Designed by world-renowned architect Moshe Safdie - the same genius behind award-winning developments Sky Habitat and upcoming Raffles City Chongqing - Jewel Changi Airport has a distinctive glass dome. 

First look at the formation of the glass dome

9,000 pieces of glass

18,000 pieces of steel beams

Over 6,000 steel nodes

6,000 tonnes in weight

How each piece of specially manufactured glass is installed: 

1. The glass panel is inspected at the ground level of the construction site and prepared prior to the actual hoisting

2. A hydraulic pump (with a capacity of approximately 800kg), is installed to lift one piece of glass panel (average weight of around 250kg – 300kg). Belts are also fastened around the glass panel as an additional safety measure.

3. Right before the lifting, a supervisor scans the QR code on the glass panel to verify the exact installation spot on the facade.

4. The glass panel is lifted to a height of 45m for the installation of the roof.

5. A group of three to four abseillers (or ‘spidermen’) stationed on the roof will receive the glass panel and fix it on the exact spot for installation.

6. Once the glass is in position, the abseillers will secure the panel by drilling it into the grid before applying sealant around the edges of the glass to complete the installation process.

The installation process is complex due to the sheer number of components and the custom-made glass panels and steel nodes. Precise coordination and meticulous execution is required! 

In fact, no single piece of glass have the same dimensions and specifications! More interesting facts & figures here.


To date, Jewel Changi Airport is 75% completed and on-track for opening in 2019. In the meantime, here's a first look:

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