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#Pen4Hope is a global campaign under the #GivingAsOne initiative which brings messages of hope and encouragement to children and seniors that CapitaLand Hope Foundation (CHF) supports!

No matter where you are, you can join us in this meaningful campaign. 

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Past Activities

Sin Ming Resettlement Project (Singapore)
September - October 2022

As part of CHF's #LoveOurSeniors initiative, which aims to improve the quality of life of seniors, CHF partners with AMKFSC Community Services to provide relocation support for more than 130 low-income senior residents of Block 26 Sin Ming, who are beneficiaries of COMNET Senior Service. As the rental flat was selected to undergo a relocation exercise due to estate renewal plans, these seniors will have to move out of their homes and relocate to other rental blocks across Singapore.

To help the affected seniors ease into their new environment and mitigate feelings of displacement, 45 CapitaLand staff and 15 tenant volunteers have come together to help more than 50 seniors in packing, unpacking and arranging of new furniture at their new homes.

40 staff volunteers befriended the seniors during an outing to IMM, where they enjoyed a delicious meal sponsored by Pot Luck by Soup Restaurant and CHF, as well as shopped for items to spruce up the seniors’ new homes. Seniors also received pastries sponsored by Swee Heng Bakery.

#GivingBersama 2.0 (Malaysia)
28 October 2022

Following the successful impact from last year's #GivingBersama campaign, CapitaLand in Malaysia developed #GivingBersama 2.0, a community initiative which aims to support 1,000 beneficiaries from 35 orphanage homes or schools with daily necessities and school essentials.

The initiative kicked off in October where staff contributed over 204 volunteer hours to pack and distribute daily essentials such as water bottles, food and cleaning supplies to 112 children from 4 homes.

Nutrition Project (Vietnam)
24-28 October 2022

As part of the CapitaLand Hope School Support Programme by CHF, CapitaLand Development (Vietnam) kickstarted the Nutrition Project in October where staff volunteers visited four CapitaLand Hope Primary Schools and Kindergartens. 534 volunteer hours were contributed to distribute packs of milk as well as 1,400 sets of healthy snacks to the students.

The students will receive free milk every month from October 2022 until the end of the school year in May 2023.  A total of 223,000 packs of milk will be distributed to the students. The students will also undergo a health screening to monitor their physical development at the end of the initiative.

#LoveOurSeniors Home Improvement Project (Singapore)
14 October 2022

CHF's #LoveOurSeniors Home Improvement Project (HIP) aims to create safer and more conducive homes of identified TOUCH Community Services beneficiaries to live in. Through the HIP session, 33 staff volunteers improved the living conditions of 6 seniors in Toa Payoh.

CV Writing & Interview Simulation Workshop (Indonesia)
13 October 2022

Staff volunteers from Ascott Indonesia contributed 72 volunteer hours to impart career guidance skills to 29 child beneficiaries from the Indonesian Street Children Organisation (ISCO) to chart their future and realise their full potential.

During the full day workshop, volunteers taught the children how to craft good resumes and guided them through interview simulations to better prepare them for the working world.

CapitaLand-Ascott GK Eco Village Food Shed Farming Enterprise Project (Philippines)
3 October 2022

To provide a sustainable source of food and livelihood security, 25 staff volunteers from Ascott Philippines braved the heat to help build a food shed for the CapitaLand-Ascott GK Eco Village residents in Batangas City.

The volunteers engaged in various activities such as the preparation of seed beds, construction net shades and cleaning of the greenhouse.

'My Schoolbag' Programme (China)
September 2022

As part of the signature CapitaLand 'My Schoolbag' programme supported by CHF, schoolbags were distributed to 2,400 students from 37 schools across 18 provinces and cities in China.

Staff volunteers contributed over 240 volunteer hours to visit the primary schools in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang and Xuzhou to distribute schoolbags to the students in person.

#LoveOurSeniors Meal and Bread Delivery (Singapore)
28 September, 5, 10 and 19 October 2022

In support of CHF's #LoveOurSeniors initiative which aims to improve the quality of life of seniors, 83 staff volunteers and 14 tenant volunteers distributed specially curated meals and wholemeal bread loaves to 1,255 vulnerable seniors across Singapore. 

#LoveOurSeniors Initiative (China)
27 and 29 September 2022

Over 50 volunteers care for 152 seniors in Beijing by conducting home visits and various activities such as smartphone workshops, spring cleaning and free haircuts.

Gawad Kalinga Feeding Programme (Philippines)
24 and 30 September, 27 October 2022

Ascott Philippines has been a long-term partner of Gawad Kalinga Community Development Foundation, a poverty alleviation and nation-building movement. Through Gawad Kalinga's feeding programme which provides nutritious meals to children, 34 staff volunteers from Citadines Amigo Iloilo, Somerset Alabang Manila and Somerset Central Salcedo Makati engaged with 160 children at various Gawad Kalinga community sites.

Distribution of Educational School Kits (India)
21 September and 28 October 2022

CapitaLand India Trust's board members and 11 CapitaLand staff volunteers visited the CapitaLand Hope School in Mahadevapura, Bangalore to distribute educational school kits to 550 children in September.

In October, 10 staff volunteers also visited the government schools in Hyderabad to give out the school kits. Each kit which contains stationery and a dictionary, aims to provide the children with necessary resources to learn to their best ability.

#LoveOurSeniors Essential Care Pack Packing and Distribution (Singapore)
20 - 24 September 2022

Under CHF's #LoveOurSeniors initiative which aims to improve the quality of life of seniors through better nutrition, enhanced well-being and improved living conditions of seniors, about 5,000 Essential Care Packs comprising of food items and daily essentials were distributed to vulnerable seniors from eight charities across Singapore.

Over 400 CapitaLand staff volunteers, tenant and community volunteers, as well as our charity partners prepared and distributed the Essential Care Packs during the five-day event.

CapitaLand Hope School Programme's Second School in Bangalore (India)
19 September 2022

After supporting the first school in Mahadevapura, Bangalore, CapitaLand is proud to support the second school located at Krishnarajapuram, Bangalore under the CapitaLand Hope School Programme via its philanthropic arm, CHF. The new school will provide more than 400 children from underserved families with access to education. CHF has contributed INR 50 million towards the construction of the school, which is the 31st school under the programme in India, China and Vietnam.

CapitaLand staff volunteers and partners collaborated and constructed the school over a one-year period. CapitaLand staff from International Tech Park Bangalore provided their real estate expertise to Karnataka Education Department including designing and managing the development of the school.

Read the media release here.

Care for People with Special Needs (China)
15 and 29 September 2022

Seven staff volunteers from Somerset Heping Shenyang assisted to upgrade the kitchen and dining area for Yangguang Homestead Disabled Service Centre in Shenyang Heping District. During the unveiling ceremony of the revamped space, food essentials were donated to the centre. Volunteers together with the centre staff also imparted life skills to the clients such as selecting ingredients and using kitchen tools.

To celebrate National Holiday, 12 staff volunteers from Somerset Grand Central Dalian visited Xing Xing Zhi Huo Autism Support Centre and gifted a cake and nutritious food to 21 children.

CapitaLand Environmental Education Programme (Singapore)
10 and 18 September 2022

To raise awareness of the importance of adopting environmentally friendly lifestyles to protect our planet, CapitaLand volunteers engaged young children in fun-filled and interactive lessons held at library@harbourfront and Choa Chu Kang Public Library. Tips to reduce food waste were shared with the participants.

Bright Horizons Fund Schoolbag Packing (Singapore)
8 and 9 September 2022

25 CapitaLand volunteers packed over 1,000 schoolbags for graduating pre-school children from My First Skool. These school essentials such as water bottles and books, will go to children from low-income families to congratulate them for completing the first chapter of their education journey and prepare them for primary school.

CapitaLand Empowerment and Resilience Programme (Singapore)
6 and 7 September 2022

Camp Cacti under CapitaLand Empowerment and Resilience Programme is a year-long initiative created by CHF and Yellow Ribbon Singapore to support the mental well-being and development of children through resilience and character development. During the September school holiday, 12 CapitaLand volunteers befriended more than 50 children from Singapore Children's Society, NeuGen Fund and Life Community Services Society, through facilitated activities to help them acquire skills to better manage their emotions and build positive relationships with others.

#LoveOurSeniors Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration (Singapore)
2 September 2022

To celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival, 16 CapitaLand volunteers and tenant volunters from Polar Puffs & Cakes (Polar) brought smiles to more than 60 socially-isolated Montfort Care senior beneficiaries. The seniors engaged in various activities such as mooncake tasting, lantern making and calligraphy lessons.

Mooncakes, bentos and lucky draw prizes were sponsored by CHF and Polar to create a memorable event for all.

Virtual Cupcake Decoration Workshop (Singapore)
6 October 2021

Apprentices from Metta Cafe taught staff and tenant participants how to decorate their own cupcakes. Besides making new friends online, it was also an opportunity for the apprentices to build up their confidence and social skills by sharing and guiding the participants.

Launch of First Hope School in India and Volunteering Activity
28 September & 2 October 2021

CapitaLand Group through its philanthropic arm, CHF, has launched its first CapitaLand Hope School in India to provide over 400 primary school children from low-income families with access to education. It was built over 18 months through a collective effort of 20 CapitaLand staff volunteers.

Staff volunteers teamed up with the children and added finishing touches to a ‘Hope Wall’ with painted handprints on 28 September, which was unveiled at a ceremony for the handover of the school on 2 October 2021.

CapitaLand is distributing 5,000 care kits to CapitaLand Hope School in India as well as children across Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Gurgaon and Pune as part of ‘CapitaLand #GivingAsOne’ campaign.  The care kits contain face masks, hand sanitisers, soaps and school necessities.

Read the media release here, or find out more from the videos and photos below!

‘My Schoolbag’ Programme (China)
September 2021

Several 'My Schoolbag' activities were held in China, where schoolbags and school necessities were given to students in our CapitaLand Hope Schools as well as those from financially-disadvantaged families. In September, bags were delivered to schools in areas including Harbin, Hebei, Shenyang, Dalian and Changsha.

28 volunteers who visited a school in Harbin on 14 September also brought along with them items like a printer, laptops, table tennis table, bookshelves and other school essentials, milk and gifts for the school and children. They even conducted lessons on English and manging emotions. A local artist was also among the volunteers, working together with the children on a combined art piece revolving around the theme of 'CapitaLand My Schoolbag 2021'.

Virtual Storytelling and Craft Activity with Rainbow Centre, Singapore Margaret Drive (Singapore)
28 September 2021

Close to 20 volunteers from CapitaLand and our tenant community came together for a virtual storytelling and craft activity with students from Rainbow Centre, Singapore Margaret Drive. They read a book to the students and demonstrated how to make their very own mini aquarium in a bottle.

CapitaLand Young Architect Programme (China)
26 September 2021

Held in the Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City, this edition of the CapitaLand Young Architect Programme had an added challenge to participants to include "zero carbon" into their design ideas. This encouraged the university student participants to use more recyclable materials and adhere to the 5 Rs of Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose and Recycle to create designs that are aesthetically beautiful, functional and environmentally friendly.

CapitaLand Healthcare Fund - Community Resilience Programme (China)
24 September 2021

Funded by the CapitaLand Healthcare Fund, the Community Resilience Programme was launched at CapitaMall Westgate in Wuhan. Over 20 staff and tenant volunteers paid a visit to residents in the Gu Tian Second Community of Wuhan to guide the seniors on how to use their mobile phones, provide haircuts and fix their electrical appliances. Professionals from the Wuhan No. 4 Hospital also provided consultation services to the seniors for their chronic illnesses.

Volunteer Visit to CapitaLand Muchuan Green Hope School (China)
15 - 17 September 2021

40 volunteers planned the activities and paid a visit to the CapitaLand Muchuan Green Hope School in Sichuan, China's first green Hope School during the Mid-Autumn festival period. Over the three days, our volunteers planned out a series of events for over 200 students in the school. 

On the first day, students and volunteers were split into six groups and were assigned various tasks to complete in order to score points. The first task and also the icebreaker was to replace the old desks and chairs in the classrooms. The students were then tasked to collect the rubbish from this activity and categorise them into the correct bins based on a short presentation conducted by the volunteers.

The next day, the groups continued to complete task three - putting together models of CapitaLand's iconic buildings with materials provided. These iconic buildings include Raffles City Chongqing, Raffles City Chengdu, Raffles City Hangzhou, Raffles City Shenzhen, Suzhou Center and Interlace in Singapore. The next task was to prepare the food and decorations for the Mid-Autumn celebrations that night, also the highlight of the visit! During the celebrations, students and teachers from the school as well as volunteers put up a series of hearwarming performances and ended off with a mass singing with fireworks.

On the final day of the visit, volunteers organised a table tennis themed sports carnival. The day ended off with a prize presentation for the groups and home visits to some of the students.

#LoveOurSeniors Bread Delivery (Singapore)
13 September 2021

Organised by the CapitaLand Workspace team, this #LoveOurSeniors bread delivery saw more than 30 tenant volunteers participating to deliver wholemeal bread loaves to seniors in need. 

#LoveOurSeniors Meal Delivery (Singapore)
8 & 22 September 2021

CapitaLand volunteers from the AREIT, Ascott and Retail teams delivered special meals to seniors in need residing in the Ang Mo Kio, Toa Payoh, Clementi and Telok Blangah areas in Singapore. These meals were specially curated under the #LoveOurSeniors programme to to complement their dietary needs.

Temasek Nationwide Mask Distribution (Singapore)
26 August - 26 September 2021

More than 500 CapitaLand staff volunteers came together to assist the public with their mask collection across 14 CapitaLand malls. This is part of Temasek Foundation's Stay Prepared initiative to help the public to have better masks to be ready for higher risk situations.