Alzheimer's Disease Association (ADA)

Alzheimer's Disease Association (ADA) was formed in 1990 because of a growing concern for the needs of persons living with dementia and their caregivers.

Through our work, the Association hopes to reduce stigma by increasing awareness and understanding of dementia; enabling and involving persons living with dementia to be integrated and accepted in the community; and leading in the quality of dementia care services for persons living with dementia and their families.

Striving towards a dementia inclusive society through our four strategic service pillars; Centre-Based Care, Caregiver Support, Academy and Community Enabling, the Association aims to advocate and inspire the society to regard and respect persons living with dementia as individuals who can still lead purposeful and meaningful lives.

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Awareness Talk on Dementia

Alzheimer's Disease Association will be having an Awareness Talk on 19 August, Wednesday to touch on the topic of "Interacting with Persons with Dementia". 

The talk will cover basic understanding in working with persons with dementia.  It will introduce different strategies to communicate and engage people with dementia in a meaningful manner by using the Person-Centred Approach.  The objective is for the audience to be able to:

  • Recognise the needs of persons with dementia using the Person-Centred approach
  • Identify the factors that can affect communication and interactions with persons with dementia
  • Select appropriate strategies to create meaningful interactions with persons with dementia

Meet The Speaker : Ms Karen Amanda Lim

Biography of Speaker:

Ms Karen Amanda Lim, Assistant Manager – Community Enabling | Alzheimer's Disease Association

As the incidence of dementia continues to increase at an alarming rate worldwide, it is now evident that optimal caregiver support and dementia care can only be achieved via training in novel psychological and social therapies that even medical practitioners need to learn from specialised agencies such as the Alzheimer's Disease Association (ADA).

With more than seven years of experience in the eldercare and dementia-care sectors, Karen is ADA's most visible face in public education and community engagement. She is trained in ADA's Person-Centred Care approach, and constantly updates her knowledge of dementia-care trends through the courses conducted by ADA Academy, the Agency for Integrated Care, Social Service Institute and The Management Development Institute of Singapore. Her command of both English and Mandarin enables her to reach out to hundreds of volunteers, allied healthcare professionals and members of the public through public talks that explain dementia in laymen’s terms, and address the unwarranted stigma and myths behind the condition.

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