Private Funds

  • > 30

    Number of Private Vehicles

  • S$28 B

    As at 31 December 2022

  • S$23 .0B

    Committed Capital
    Refers to total fund equity size

  • S$5.1 B

    Carrying Value
    As at 31 December 2022

CLI invests in a variety of unlisted funds in different real estate sectors across the globe. Our strong boots on the ground, especially in Singapore, China and India, allow us to identify and grow off-market opportunities.

What differentiates us?

  • We know Asia.​

    We are one of Asia’s largest REIMs, with about 90% of the real estate assets we manage located in Asia. With more than 35 years of experience in Asia, we know the ins and outs of doing business in this part of the world.

  • We know Real Estate.

    CLI has been a dynamic force in real estate since our founding in 2000 as CapitaLand. Our capabilities, depth of experience and scale allow us to pursue growth opportunities across geographies, sectors, and strategies.

  • We know what Commitment is.​

    ​CLI takes its commitments seriously. Our many business partnerships are built on a strong foundation of loyalty and dependability. Our steadfastness has proven to be an important asset—not only for us, but also our valued business partners.

Representative Funds

Table of Private Funds and Total Fund Size

Private Funds Total Fund Size (Million)1
CapitaLand Mall China Income Fund​
US$ 900​
CapitaLand Mall China Income Fund II​ US$ 425 ​
CapitaLand Mall China Income Fund III​ S$ 900​
CapitaLand Mall China Development Fund III​ US$ 1,000​
Raffles City China Investment Partners III US$ 1,500
Raffles City Platinum Ventures
RMB 41,035
Ascendas China Commercial Fund 3 S$ 436
CapitaLand Township Development Fund II
US$ 200
China Special Situation RMB Fund I RMB 703​
China Business Park Core RMB Fund I RMB 380
China Business Park Core RMB Fund II  RMB 3,600
CapitaLand China Opportunistic Partners US$ 625
CapitaLand Asia Partners I
(CAP I) and Co-investments
US$ 510
Athena LP S$ 109
CapitaLand Open End Real Estate Fund US$ 441
Self Storage Venture S$ 570
CapitaLand Korea No. 1 KRW 85,100​
​CapitaLand Korea No. 3 (Core)
KRW 127,000
​CapitaLand Korea No. 4
KRW 63,512
CapitaLand Korea No. 5 KRW 64,062​
CapitaLand Korea No.8
(Data Centre I)
KRW 116,178​
CapitaLand Korea No.9
(Data Centre II)
KRW 140,684
CapitaLand Korea No.10 (Logistics Fund I) KRW 85,700
CapitaLand Korea No.11 (Logistics Fund II) KRW 44,864
CapitaLand Korea No. 14 (Logistics Fund III) KRW 108,600
CapitaLand Mall India Development Fund S$ 880​
Ascendas India Growth Programme INR 15,000​
Ascendas India Logistics Programme INR 20,000
CapitaLand India Logistics Fund II
INR 22,500

Ascott Serviced Residence (Global) Fund

US$ 600
Student Accommodation Development Venture US$ 150
Orchid One Godo Kaisha JPY 18,460
Mitake 1 Tokutei Mokuteki Kaisha JPY 3,000
Total Fund Size S$ 23,035

¹ As at 31 December 2022