Our Sustainability Approach​

CapitaLand Investment (CLI) integrates sustainability into the real estate life cycle. Our operations, growth, economic values, support for the environment, business ethics, corporate governance, and care for the people and communities we touch are anchored in our ESG approach. We continually review our performance to identify and mitigate issues that could impact our ESG standing.  

  • Environmental, Health and Safety

    CapitaLand Group aims to future-proof its developments and elevate safety and supply chain standards by addressing climate change risks, EHS risks and opportunities right from the design stage. This is implemented through an in-house guide, CapitaLand Sustainable Building Guidelines (SBG), to ensure EHS considerations are factored in at all stages of a project. CapitaLand 2030 Sustainability Master Plan targets are embedded in the SBG through the EHS Impact Assessment (EHS IA) to guide the businesses to consider EHS risks and opportunities upfront and identify mitigation measures earlier. CapitaLand Group’s environmental performance is tracked against material issues of climate change, energy, water, waste and biodiversity. CapitaLand also has an EHS Management System to support the commitment to protect the environment and uphold the occupational health and safety of everyone in the workplace. 

  • Social

    We share the United Nations Global Compact’s (UNGC) commitment to deliver lasting benefits to people and communities and its principles on Human Rights and Labour. We have in place a Social Charter which upholds and respect these principles to protect individual rights with a zero tolerance stance towards child/forced labour and unlawful discrimination. We implemented a Supply Chain Code of Conduct which establishes expectations on the suppliers’ business conduct as it relates to how goods and services are provided to CapitaLand and CapitaLand’s clients.  

  • Governance

    Practising good corporate governance is central to the health and stability of our financial markets and the economy. We adhere to an ethical code in conducting business and have a zero-tolerance policy against fraud, bribery and corruption. We do not make donations to politicians nor political parties. 

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