Building An Inclusive And Caring Community

Hear From Lam Sui Chang & Yuanchen Xueyan

Building Better & Greener Communities

Sui Chang: When I speak to my friends outside of CapitaLand, they are envious of the volunteering opportunities that I have. The company always goes above and beyond. Through volunteerism, I am making an active contribution to the community. 

Xueyan: Being sustainable means CapitaLand can continue to build with responsibility and in harmony with the environment.  It spurs us to innovate and deliver better buildings to influence the lives of the communities around us. 

Building People & Improving Lives

Xueyan: Buildings effectively capture the character of a community at any point in time. The way they look and feel speaks volumes of the lifestyle and aspirations people have. 

Sui Chang: We are leaving a positive impact on the community and learning more about the various cases supported by CapitaLand Hope Foundation. The strong culture of volunteerism in the company is certainly a key feature of life at CapitaLand. 

Building My Passion & Setting My Career Path

Sui Chang:  From my interactions with the beneficiaries, there is personal growth and I’ve gained a more well-rounded perspective. Similarly, being part of the GDP has empowered me to take on bigger roles to manage my own projects; coordinating with the consultants, contractors and my teammates. 

Xueyan:  Being part of the GDP, I’ve developed core skills and by observing how my mentors manage others, I am also learning to build up my own working and management style.