Innovating For The Future

Hear From Mindy Teo & Terence Teo

Innovation & Real Estate of the future

Mindy: Regardless of which industry you’re in, disruption is a real threat. The real estate business is no different. We are living in an era of constant disruption, where advances in technology and the sharing economy are challenging traditional business models.

Terence: In creating the future of real estate, a lot of research and studies were carried out to understand the what the future might be, identifying some of the latest relevant technologies that will be beneficial our customers.

Exciting Projects & New Perspectives 

Mindy: With ‘lyf’, we approached the idea of hospitality as an experience and dug deep to understand what unique experiences would attract a younger demographic; and how to execute them in unique way to make their stay with us a memorable one.

Terence: Funan, my current project, is all about creating an integrated development of the future, connecting online and offline, creating new experiences that integrate the two realms seamlessly.

Building My Passion & Seting My Career Path 

Mindy: I was exposed to many different functions, yet the length of the rotation allowed me to fully comprehend the functions of the particular business unit. A good balance of depth and breadth. The working environment is also fun and collaborative; and within the team, there is always someone willing to help.

Terence: I've had remarkable career development opportunities. It has broadened my vision, taking me out of my comfort zone, accelerating my growth. There is never a dull moment!