CapitaLand Institute of Management and Business (CLIMB)

CLIMB is CapitaLand’s internal corporate learning institute that provides various training and skill development programmes to help employees continually grow and develop in their personal and professional capacities.

Established in July 2006, CapitaLand Institute of Management and Business (CLIMB) is an internal corporate learning institute established for CapitaLand employees to promote continuous professional and personal development. CLIMB supports the Group’s talent development to realise its vision of being a leading global enterprise that enriches people and communities through high-quality real estate products and services. CLIMB aims to instill in all employees CapitaLand’s core values so as to forge a unifying culture and direction; help employees excel by equipping them with the right knowledge, skills and attitudes so as to make distinguished contributions to the Group’s businesses and the community; and, develop business leaders to shape the future.

In September 2012, CLIMB China was started as a specialised branch of CLIMB. Its purposes are to align the training resources of the various SBUs in China, align the curriculum with the Group, and take responsibility for the training and grooming of CapitaLand Group’s 7,000 employees in China. In line with CapitaLand’s goal of nurturing local talent with global standards in China, CLIMB China offers programmes to enhance staff members’ capabilities, professional knowledge, managerial skills and leadership qualities. CLIMB China has also entered into strategic collaboration with a number of universities including Tongji University to provide a platform for exchanges in views on issues such as economic development, industry trends, business strategy models, products and services, corporate culture and much more. While transforming itself to be a diversified and competitive knowledge-based company, it seeks to work with the industry players to build a sustainable path for growth and development.

Our Goals

  1. To imbue our employees with CapitaLand’s DNA to forge a unifying culture and direction;
  2. To equip our employees to achieve corporate performance objectives to make distinguished contributions to our businesses and the community in which we operate;
  3. To grow business leaders to shape the future of CapitaLand;
  4. To foster networking to explore strategic partnerships; and,
  5. To support organisational change to stay ahead.

Our Programmes

To realise these goals, CLIMB organises a wide range of programmes.

  • To reinforce CapitaLand’s values in our employees, CLIMB conducts programmes such as the CapitaLand Immersion Programme and Strengthening of CapitaDNA.

  • To equip our employees with an understanding of the real estate industry, CLIMB conducts programmes such as Real Estate 100, Integrated Development Programme and Fundamentals of Real Estate.

  • To sharpen the workplace skills of our employees, CLIMB offers various competency-based programmes in communication, business writing, negotiation, creative thinking, presentation skills and interpersonal skills.

Management and Leadership Trek Programmes

Having a talented pool of managers and leaders is critical to CapitaLand’s business success.

Therefore, CLIMB has a Management-Leadership Trek that offers the following programmes to equip these managers and leaders:

Base Camp: Personal Effectiveness (The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People)
Camp I: New CapitaLand Managers
Camp II: Essential Skills for CapitaLand Managers
Camp III: Advanced Skills for CapitaLand Managers
Camp IV: Essential Skills for CapitaLand Leaders
Summit: CapitaLand Leadership Development Programme

Programmes in the Management-Leadership Trek are mapped to the CapitaLand Leadership Development Model which CapitaLand has adopted to grow and develop managers and leaders in seven core leadership competencies, namely, (a) Model the Way, (b) Inspire a Shared Vision, (c) Challenge the Process, (d) Enable Others to Act, (e) Encourage the Heart, (f) Excellence in Execution, and (g) Aim High and Be Pragmatic.

Technical Trek Programmes

Since CapitaLand has many technical staff in design management, project management, facility management and other specialist technical areas, CLIMB also offers technical programmes for the professional development of these staff. These include Brand and Customer Assurance in CapitaLand, Fundamentals of Project Management, Fundamentals of Design and Art Management, and Property Management in CapitaLand.

ELearning Programmes

To complement the programmes offered by CLIMB, CapitaLand’s iCampus offers eLearning courses which staff can enrol in and learn at their own pace.

Networking Events

CLIMB provides strategic networking opportunities for CapitaLand's international staff, overseas and local business partners, and students from overseas universities.

Our Target Audience

CLIMB's primary target audience is CapitaLand's employees who seek to grow both personally and professionally to enhance their work performance, while business partners are its secondary target audience. Opportunities abound for bonding and networking across countries and strategic business units.

Trainers comprise CapitaLand's senior management, business domain experts, leading professors and practitioners, all of whom are proven professionals with a great wealth of knowledge and experience to share. Involving CapitaLand's staff as trainers is also one way to institutionalise knowledge and propagate its core values as well as unique ways of doing business across the Group. CapitaLand Immersion Programme, Strengthening of CapitaDNA, Fundamentals of Real Estate, Personal Effectiveness and Branding Through People are just some of the programmes that are facilitated by CapitaLand's internal trainers.