Cao Xin Xin has a soft spot for children and often volunteers to help those in need; She is one of the 52 winners of the Because iCare Awards 2012
Cao Xin Xin has a soft spot for children and often volunteers to help those in need; She is one of the 52 winners of the Because iCare Awards 2012

CapitaLand has always considered people its greatest strength. Its credo, “Building People to Build for People” encapsulates its commitment to develop and care for its staff. To consolidate and encourage Group-wide efforts to encourage employees to speak up constructively, listen actively and respond accordingly in an encouraging, accepting and engaging environment, CapitaLand launched the Because iCare (BiC) campaign in 2011.

In tandem with BiC, the BiC Awards were introduced. In August 2012, employees were encouraged to nominate colleagues they felt embodied the “Because iCare” spirit. From over 267 nominations, 52 winners were chosen because of the good work they have done to engage co-workers in a meaning way in different areas of their work. As CapitaLand celebrated its 12 th anniversary in November, these winners were presented the BiC Awards.

Here are the stories of three who showed determination to set an example: a leader who listens emphatically, a caring volunteer who looked beyond herself to care for others, and a great team player who thought for the greater good of the company by speaking up constructively.

Leading By Example

Senior Vice President, Market & Strategy Insight (China) Unit, CapitaLand Limited, Dr Boaz Boon is not one who believes in singular gestures. For him, it is about living out a good example every day. That is why his staff talk not of a single incident that show that Boaz personifies the Because iCare spirit but of his general demeanour.

He is unstinting in the way he shares his experience and work knowledge with those who are newer to the company. Those who work with him also say he is gracious and patient when mentoring and guiding the younger colleagues in their professional and personal lives. He has also been known to provide them with great encouragement “when the chips are down”, as one colleague noted. His willingness to empower his team and expose them to take on different responsibilities were also much appreciated by them.

“I think of my staff as people and I want to them to live effectively whether at work or outside of work. This is because life is holistic and one aspect affects another. By understanding and caring for my staff, I hope to motivate the person to achieve his or her level best and contribute effectively to the company. In essence, I treat them as my friend,” said Boaz.

Caring for Children

When it comes to going the extra mile to help make a difference, Cao Xin Xin, Marcom Executive, CapitaMall Peace Plaza, CapitaMalls Asia (China) sets a fine example.

Last February, she was in charge of the children’s club which CapitaMall Peace Plaza started called the “Happy Children Avenue” (乐童部落). Members of the club can read children’s books available at the mall’s club house, attend different fun workshops, and participate in children’s competitions. Their parents are also often invited to parenting classes that teach child pedagogy and parenting skills.

Because of her excellent relations with the tenants, Xin Xin was able to get those who dealt with children’s products and services to support the club. With their help and publicity, the club has since recruited 2,000 members.

The personal touch she brings to all that she does extends to her volunteer work as well. Xin Xin has a particularly soft spot for children. She has been part of CapitaMalls Asia’s “My First Schoolbag” initiative for the past three years. Last year, Xin Xin even gave up time with her family and missed her four-year-old daughter’s Children’s Day celebration to do volunteer work in the mountainous region of Longdong.

“My daughter can enjoy Children’s Day every year while this is a rare opportunity to help these underprivileged children from CapitaLand Longdong Hope School . I am sure she will understand this when she grows up. When she is older, I will bring her to participate in volunteer expeditions as well,” said Cao.

Thinking for the Greater Good

Nguyen Thanh Thuy, Assistant Manager, Human Resource & Training, The Ascott Limited, is a great team player. She can always be counted on to share her views and come up with constructive suggestions, all in a caring, non-critical manner.

She was instrumental in implementing the HR Help Desk at her property. Every month for half a day or even a whole day, everyone gets together to talk about their work concerns and listen to one another. It is a platform for the management to get feedback on company policies and their implementation.

“An explanation or clarification given face-to-face can prevent conflicts from escalating and help to resolve differences peacefully. It is also important that the staff know that we care and are willing to listen,” explained Thuy.

She also started a newsletter to share Ascott’s work culture, vision and mission. Thanks to her, there is a culture of openness and care in her workplace.

Speak, listen and respond – these winners of the BiC Award are doing it all. With such winning ways, CapitaLand can be sure of maintaining a caring and engaging work culture.