Shelves, decorations, mementoes, clocks – there are so many ways you can do up your wall without hitting a blank wall
Shelves, decorations, mementoes, clocks – there are so many ways you can do up your wall without hitting a blank wall

They are in every home, every room – walls. To the engineer, they are structures necessary to the stability of the place. To the artist, they can be blank canvasses to enhance the décor of the home.

If you want to set your inner artist loose and turn your wall into an expression of your personal style, Insidehas some easy DIY tips that will transform your home without requiring painful overhauls.

1.Frame It

One of the best things to do with a wall is to hang photographs on them. You can go symmetrical and hang the photos in rows in identical frames. Alternatively, try for creative clusters in which frames of different sizes and even shapes surround a central picture.

Whatever style you choose, there are some pointers to keep in mind. Let your wall tell you how to arrange your photos. Tall walls can accommodate photos stacked on top of each other. Wide walls allow you to spread you photos out.

Have a theme in mind when deciding what to frame. Clustering your photos in themes – family portraits, major milestones, travel shots, landscapes - will help to let the pictures tell a story. If you are going for different frames, make sure there are some similarities by way of colour, finish, or shape to create a holistic look.

But don’t stop at photographs. There are so many other things you can put in a frame. Colourful paper, post cards, old movie posters from your collection, craft work, cross-stitches, mementoes – let the décor and purpose of the room inspire you.

2.Hooked On Design

You can hang things on the wall without using frames. Caps, hats, scarves, even cushion covers make colourful wall art. Your collection of masks from your world travels can be hooked onto the wall, too.

If you are displaying an eclectic collection (by way of colour and style), then give the display structure by hanging the items up in neat rows. Four in a row in four rows if the wall is large enough, otherwise, in threes. Too many and you risk looking like you are displaying your ware for sale.

3.Mirror Mirror On the Wall

Mirrors are wonderful wall decorations because they not only add to the aesthetics of the place, they are functional as well. Mirrors make tiny rooms and narrow hallways look wider by creating the illusion of extra space in the reflection. Placing a mirror across a window with a view or an interesting arrangement of furniture doubles the effect. In addition, a uniquely-shaped mirror can become the focal point of your décor.

4.Hanging Around

Plates need not be displayed in cabinets alone. You can mount them on the wall as well.

You can pick plates with designs to match the theme or style of the room. Get a few that belong to the same collection in different sizes or with variations in the design for your wall.

But don’t discount white plates. They allow for immense variations. Set them against a strong-coloured wall for contrast. Mount several of them in different shapes and sizes to create a talking point.

Even more than photos, plates can be arranged on walls in an amazing array of patterns. Put them in rows, make the form a cross, spread them across, form them in a circle, oval or diamond shape – let your imagination go wild.

Clocks are another functional way to do up your wall. You can go with a single statement piece or several different wall clocks.

Again, if you are going for a crazy mix, keep to a theme, whether it is similar-shaped clocks, or clocks with similar colours or design inspiration.

5.Shelve Your (Design) Plans

Shelves mounted on walls are functional and give you the perfect place to display just about anything you want – photographs, plates, vases, souvenirs, mementoes. Plus, you can decide how you want the shelves to be arranged. Plain shelves against a plain wall are best if your displays are colourful. You can also place shelves against a coloured wall that sets off your items for greater contrast.

Even empty shelves when set against a patterned wall can be beautiful in itself.

6.A Lick of Paint

You will be surprised how a fresh coat of paint can totally transform a room. Create a feature wall by painting it a bold colour (or two). If you are worried about your DIY skills, sponge paint the wall. Sponge painting gives the wall texture and is a very forgiving technique since smooth strokes are not required. Before you sponge your wall, test it out on paper first to see how much pressure you need to apply, how much paint you need on the sponge, and if the sponge pattern is what you like. Then, let the Michelangelo in you take over.

If painting a whole wall seems too large a project to take on, try stenciling instead. It limits the area you need to work on, and allows you to paint patterns or even a picture with limited painting skills.

7.Stick Around

If you don’t trust your painting skills, then resort to wall stickers. You can get sophisticated-looking ones to create a collage on the wall or kiddy-inspired ones for the children’s room. Best of all, you can change them any time you want with ease to refresh the look of your room.

8.Green Green Grass of Home

Vertical gardens are all the rage and you can create your own without much fuss. For eternal blooms, go for artificial flowers. You can hang a few of these on the wall in pots, baskets, and even recycled cans. They won’t require watering and they add colour and cheer to any room.

With these easy ideas, you won’t be feeling walled in at home. So give it a shot, and spruce up the walls in your home!

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