Kick your flash drive into gear and get some gadgets that are bedecked with gemstones
Kick your flash drive into gear and get some gadgets that are bedecked with gemstones

Human creativity (and penchant for flair) knows no bounds. Precious stones that were once worn as accessories have now found their way into the arena of technology. Granted, the glittery gadgets may not be within the price range of most people (and may not be readily available in Singapore), they are still dazzling to behold and well worth admiring.

Then, when you have been suitably inspired, we tell you how to let your creativity shine through by bedazzling your own tech toys. Feast your eyes and open your minds.

Dazzling Clean

This Electrolux Swarovski crystal vacuum cleaner, priced at US$23,000, is encrusted with 3,730 Swarovski crystals and is the world’s most expensive vacuum cleaner (according to the Guinness Book of World Records). Planned as a one-off design, it is no longer available for sale so you don’t have to worry about cleaning out your bank account on the account of this glittery gizmo.

Connect with Dazzle

Vertu mobile phones promise the best in design, technology and service. The Vertu Signature White Gold Pave with Diamond Baguette (S$161,000) comes with full pave diamond bezel and baguette diamond keys amounting to 8.6 carats. Other luxurious materials used to make the phone include silver sapphire, white and yellow gold, and platinum. You are guaranteed dazzle at your fingertips with this swanky gadget.

Listen to Dazzle

The iDiamond iPod Shuffle is made of 18 carat white and pink gold and encrusted with 430 diamonds (US$40,000), making it the world’s most costly MP3 player. The earphones alone had 118 diamonds and cost US$ 6,400. The item was created and auctioned off for charity in London.

DIY Dazzle

If all this is too rich for your blood (or pocket), there is always a more cost effective way of adding bling to your electronic devices. You can buy covers for your mobile phone that come with ready-made bling. Drop by at Bugis Junction’s Level 1 and there are plenty of push carts that offer a wide selection of choices. IP Case, for example, which also has a kiosk on Level 3, has a range of such sparklingly ornate covers (S$10 – S$28).

At Gadget Hub, you can even buy a bit of bling that fit nicely into the jet for the earpiece. These plugs are the latest in personalising your mobile phones.

Tablets, USB drives, laptops, cameras, and mobile phones also make perfect platforms for creative hands. You can bedazzle them with nothing more than an assortment of artificial gemstones and some glue. Spotlight carries a selection of fake gems in assorted sizes that you can use. Get them in different sizes and stock up on the little ones which are useful for filling the gaps in your design.

When going DIY, be careful where you place your decorative pieces. The back of the phone is a natural choice. Avoid enhancing the screen because it might affect phone function. Steer clear also of openings and ear-piece jets. To get your bling to cling, super glue will suffice. Make sure you remove the backing before bedazzling so you do not accidentally get glue on the delicate inner workings of the phone. For better control, use a pair of tweezers to pick up and arrange the decorative gemstones. Applying the glue with a toothpick or a cotton bud covered with cling wrap prevents over-application of glue and spillage.

All that glitters may not be gold. But gadgets with glitz do add a certain shine to life. So, if your budget allows it, go for the real thing. Otherwise, you can take matters into your own hands and do a little bedazzling of your own. So, sparkle away!

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