Freshen up your home with flowers and cushions to make your home more attractive and rent-worthy
Freshen up your home with flowers and cushions to make your home more attractive and rent-worthy

Renting your apartment is a fine way to let your property work for you. Though the demand for rental homes here is relatively high, supply has not been short in coming either. So, competition in the rental market can be quite stiff at times.

What you can do is to make your property stand out from the rest and it will not cost you an arm and a leg. Strategy is key and we are here to help you unlock your home’s potential!

1. First Impressions Count

How your home looks on the outside can be as important (if not more) as how it looks on the inside. After all, first impressions count and that impression begins with the exterior of your home. Make sure the walk leading up to your home is a pleasant, clutter-free one. Clean up all debris and dirt.

If you have never paid attention to how clean (or otherwise) the interior of your place is, now is the time to devote energy and effort to this area.

Make sure all visible dust and dirt are wiped off. Clean, scrub, and polish every surface in the kitchen and make sure the interiors of cabinets, cupboards, and the refrigerator are clean. Then, go for the nooks and crannies: window sills, top shelves, corners, ceilings, light fixtures, picture frames, home decorations, and spaces beneath and behind furniture.

A fresh coat of paint can also totally transform any room and make it look spanking new and sparkling clean.

2. Go for Broad Appeal

Lime green and hot pink may be your thing but you want your property to appeal to as many people as possible. So, go for neutral walls and floors: white, off-white, cream, beige, and tan. Black can be used to as an accent. This should extend to your cabinets and fixtures as well.

In terms of style, classic is what you should aim for because it never goes out of style.

“The traditional classic look focuses on creating a sense of perfect symmetry. With the use of a strong focal point,” said Janet Tan, Interior Designer, Group.

“Roman inspired columns, large decorative vase and sculptures can all be used to achieve this. They can also be incorporated into the decorative design, accessories, or wall coverings.”

3. Mr Fix-it

Make sure everything that should work does. Lights, toilet flushes, sliding doors, cabinet doors, air-conditioners, fans – put yourself in the shoes of your potential tenants and walk through your home testing things.

“The apartment must be in good condition,” summed up Angelin Chua, Director of Land EL-Home Pte Ltd.

Airy, well-lit places get the thumbs up all the time. So, make sure your home has sufficient light (natural or otherwise). Open windows, switch on lights. On that point, know when the best time to view your home is. If the room gets too much afternoon sun, ask for an evening viewing. If you have particularly interesting light fixtures, let them see the house at night.

If your home has not been lived in for a while, open the windows and air the place. Scented candles and oils can be used to lightly perfume the air.

4. Dress for Success

When all the clutter and personal items have been removed, the fun part kicks in – dressing the space. Flowers provide a cost-efficient and easy way to spruce up any space. On top of brightening up the place, they help to scent it.

There are many places you can display flowers. Centrepieces are the natural choice. Either on your dining table, coffee table or side tables, a fresh bouquet always works. What would set your centrepieces apart is your choice of vases. You don’t have to invest a lot in crystal vases. Just about anything can hold your flowers and the more imaginative it is, the better the conversation piece. Old tea pots, used soup cans, empty jam jars, cookie canisters, large seashells, even hollowed out pumpkins and melons make great vases.

Another place that can benefit from beautifying botany is shelves. A splash of colour on brown and white book shelves can brighten the room. Flowers on shelves set against the wall can contrast with the wall colour to create accents.

Larger vases can be placed on staircase landings, and corners. Window sills can be lined with flowers. Even flower boxes, traditionally hung on the outside of windows, can be placed inside.

Another way to dress the room is through soft furnishings – cushions, linen, and towels. These add a splash of colour while allowing your tenants the flexibility of removing them if it does not suit their tastes.

“Choose elegant and subtle options like linen, cotton, and velvet. Patterns can be used but should be kept conservative. Large striped motifs are the best pattern options for a traditional classic look,” said Ms Tan.

5. Clinch the Deal

Bathroom and kitchens are deal clinchers because they are the only rooms where most things are fixed and there is nothing much else the tenants can do about it. Ventilation, fixtures, space, and storage are important in both these rooms.

“The layout of the apartment is important. Functional space like a spacious kitchen space is particularly important to the expatriate wife who wants enough space to work in,” said Ms Chua.

If these rooms are attractive as well, you might just seal the deal.

“Functional decorations like aromatheraphy oil and candles, incense stick and holders, are good and pretty options for the bathroom. Fragrances from creams, lotions, sachets, bath oils and perfumes are also simple yet subtle ways to add elegance,” said Ms Tan.

Do not put out any appliances that do not come with the rental.

“Appliances must be in good condition and not dirty and rusty. Tenants do look for quality, high-end appliances. Stainless steel appliances are preferred because they look more expensive. The usual appliances to include are a refrigerator, oven, cooker hob, and cooker hood,” said Ms Chua.

Clean, classic spaces with floral, soft furnishing, and candle accents can transform a tired place into one with timeless appeal. Now, your home is ready to rake in returns and be the investment you meant for it to be.

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