Wasting no time, the teams got right down to planning their routes and their game plan
Wasting no time, the teams got right down to planning their routes and their game plan

They plotted, they ran, and they won –again!

The JP Morgan Chase & Co team comprising Jim Fan, Anthony Koo, Jade Hian Koh, and Shuan Tham emerged the champion for the third time at the CCT Eco Race by completing it in a record time of 52 minutes.

The Race is CapitaCommercial Trust’s (CCT) flagship tenant engagement initiative. Into its third year, the Race continues to heighten awareness of environmental issues and sustainable practices. In keeping with its charity focus, the registration fees collected at the CCT Eco Race 2014 were matched dollar-for-dollar by CapitaLand Hope Foundation the philanthropic arm of CapitaLand. The total donation amounting to S$6,010 will contribute to the educational needs of the underprivileged children of TOUCH Community Services.

When the JP Morgan winners reached the finishing point, they were all sweat and smiles. “Our strategy was no different from the previous years,” said Tham. They prepared for it by figuring out all the CCT office buildings in the area and by being physically fit.

“This year, we really had two strokes of luck though,” Koo added. The team could not figure out two locations but came across them by accident.

Centred on the theme of Operation 326, Green Guerillas, the CCT Eco Race 2014 featured eight locations with various challenges which teams have to complete in order to overcome BLAZE, an imaginary anti-green rebel force.

About 300 participants in 50 tenant teams, 19 CapitaLand teams and five Building and Construction Authority teams gathered at Capital Tower on the morning of 27 September to join in the race.

Ms Lynette Leong, Chief Executive Officer of CCT Management Limited (CCTML), said: “We are delighted that CCT Eco Race was featured as an innovative case study of tenant engagement activity in Asia within the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark Report 2014 . We will work even harder to grow the Race as CCT’s flagship initiative to inculcate the importance and benefits of sustainable living among our tenants and staff.”

Driving the Green Message

The JP Morgan champs were most excited about taking the BMW i3 electric car for a weekend ride. This was part of their first prize, which also included S$2,000 worth of CapitaVouchers and a $600 fine dining experience sponsored by BMW Asia.

For the first time, BMW Asia came on board as an event partner, and its i3 electric car was put on display at the urban plaza of Capital Tower. As part of a sustainability-focused partnership with CCT, BMW Asia will also install electric vehicle charging stations in five CCT properties located in the CBD.

“BMW Asia is delighted to be sponsoring the CCT Eco Race 2014, which serves to educate participants on the importance of sustainability and impart practical ways in protecting the environment via fun and healthy activities,” said Mr. Sergio Solero, Managing Director of BMW Group Asia.

Cambridge Associates, a tenant at Six Battery Road, sent in the most number of teams this year with six in total.

“CCT Eco Race 2014 offers an opportunity for us to serve the local community in a collaborative effort, and fulfill the mission of our dedicated sustainability council by proactively promoting environmental responsibility,” said Judy Gan, Senior Operations Manager, Cambridge Associates.

The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) returned for a second year as event partner.

Dr John Keung, Chief Executive Officer, BCA, highlighted the importance of the Race’s green message for tenants: “In BCA’s recent benchmarking report, we found that tenants contribute to nearly half of a building’s total energy consumption. It is important for tenants to also do their part to cut down on energy usage and adopt energy efficiency measures. The Race is a unique way to reach out to them in a fun and light-hearted manner.”

Ingredients for success : Speed, Quick Thinking and Teamwork

Coming in second was another JP Morgan team. Valerie Cheong, Mak Siwei, Sim Jin Wei, and Deborah Tan. They were not first time participants ­– climbing from eighth place last year to second this time by clocking in at one hour, seven minutes and 10 seconds.

“In fact, we were just aiming for third place,” said Mak. “So this turned out to be a pleasant surprise for us! Speed and thinking on the move were our tactics.”

For third-place winners Du Zhan Quan, Lester Quek, Tan Yi Zhan, and Tay Shu Ru from Capita Pte Ltd, the strategy was to assign each person with a role. They completed the race in one hour, 10 minutes and 34 seconds.

The second- and third-placed teams won S$1,600 and S$1,200 worth of CapitaVouchers respectively.

A Good, Active Reminder to Go Green

The first prize in the CapitaLand staff category went to Tan Eng Keat, Jason Heng, Yap Yi-Ning, and Chng Yee Ting.

“We really enjoyed this year’s race,” said Yap. “It had fun games that required a lot more teamwork.”

Popular among the participants was the obstacle course at Twenty Anson. Here, they had to pass through a web of strings representing "laser beams" as quickly as possible without touching them. Then, collectively as a team, they had to craft a green message out of random words.

CapitaLand also fielded one of the oldest participants in the competition. Lim Chee Kong, 56, was part of the team comprising Agnes Chua, Lee Chin Yoong and Yuzaimi. They clinched a very commendable third spot in the staff category.

It was Lim’s first time participating, and it looks like it would not be his last. This was also the case for many other participants, who responded enthusiastically in the affirmative when asked if they would join again next year.

"The Capital Tower station was our last station and we work in this building, so it felt like coming home," recalled Sim Jin Wei from JP Morgan.

"We'll definitely want to race again next year!" confirmed Du Zhen Quan of Capita Pte Ltd.