Angeline strives to have total wellness in her life – a healthy body, an active mind and a heart for others – even as she fulfills her duties as a mother, wife, sister, mentor and Human Resource professional
Angeline strives to have total wellness in her life – a healthy body, an active mind and a heart for others – even as she fulfills her duties as a mother, wife, sister, mentor and Human Resource professional

For Senior Vice President of Human Resource and Administration, CapitaLand Limited, Ms Angeline Oh, starting her day right is how she begins her journey towards total wellness.

Despite her hectic work schedule, Angeline feels that it is pertinent to pursue balance in work with the other important aspects in life.

“Know your priorities, see things in perspective, don’t be afraid to ask for help,” she shares.

Indeed, the woman who is also a mother, wife and sister knows what her weekly priorities should be, in order to keep herself well and balanced. Her typical week is designed to achieve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness.

Insideasks Angeline to journal her typical week which the spunky mother of two gamely accepts. Here, Angeline compresses recent happenings into a week and this is what it looks like:


Our family portrait
Our family portrait

6:30am – Started the day with quiet time – a time to reflect and give thanks. Of course, then I took breakfast – it is the most important meal of the day

7:45 am – Took turns with hubby to send the children to either their schools or the nearest MRT station, whichever is practical

9:00 am – Settled myself into office for another fulfilling day at work, never a dull moment, I must say

8:30pm – Sweated it out at Hot Yoga class. Love it!


My two beloved children
My two beloved children

Now that the kids are teens and have very busy schedules, my hubby and I treasure those precious few minutes we have with them in the car. I remember when they were still kids, they loved to jump onto our bed to listen to our stories. I recall telling myself, despite the pressures in life, all that truly matters are these precious moments; everything else is a bonus.

The session of Hot Yoga today was really great. When I first started Yoga, I couldn’t stand on one leg without hopping like a rabbit! Now, my strength and balance have improved tremendously but still some way to go for flexibility. I like how it makes me sweat it out.

It may be just a short car ride, but Angeline makes every minute of it count. Be it catching up with her son on his cheerleading activities or listening to her daughter share about her dance performance, such simple family conversations are a strong energy booster and a great way to start her hectic day each morning.

Besides family time, maintaining good health is also one of Angeline’s priorities in life. Apart from taking Yoga classes on her own, she started an evening brisk-walking group among her CapitaLand colleagues. For more than a year, the group has been brisk-walking around the Marina Bay Sands area every Tuesday.


Our weekly brisk-walking sessions every Tuesday
Our weekly brisk-walking sessions every Tuesday

6:30pm – Brisk walked with colleagues around Marina Bay Sands

10:00pm –Caught up with tasks that need to be completed


I enjoy the Tuesday walks. Some ran, others jogged and a couple brisk walked. It doesn’t matter what one’s pace is, it’s about taking the first steps and getting to meet colleagues from other departments in a different setting. I hope that more will join us.

Angeline recognises that building her own social and emotional well-being must go beyond what she participates in CapitaLand’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities. CapitaLand’s CSR programme offers multiple varied opportunities for employees to build up their social and emotional wellness. But once a month, Angeline volunteers with her siblings at Willing Hearts, a non-profit organisation that provides daily meals as well as other support services to the needy.


12:00pm – Lunch with the HR/Admin team

2:00 pm – Went with the team to volunteer at Dignity Kitchen which serves meals to the elderly with the food prepared by the disabled who are acquiring skills to cook and work in hawker centres or F&B; business

6:00 pm onwards – Back to office to catch up on work as we have been out the whole afternoon. But oh so worth it!

(Left) The team and I at Dignity Kitchen; (Right) We also learnt to order drinks using sign language
(Left) The team and I at Dignity Kitchen; (Right) We also learnt to order drinks using sign language


We got to hear stories of how the folks at Dignity Kitchen overcame challenges. We learnt that every problem has a solution, but it is how much we want to overcome it and look for creative solutions to solve each of the challenges. Our eyes, minds and hearts were opened, and instead of giving that day, we received so much.

Because of her vision to enhance the social and emotional well-being of her staff, Angeline recently chose to have a team bonding experience with a difference with her Human Resource and Administration colleagues. Instead of playing games or dining out, the entire department chose to visit Dignity Kitchen and give back to community. The social enterprise is Singapore’s first hawker training school for the disabled and disadvantaged.


8:00 pm - Pentatonix Live in Singapore. Definitely going!


I spent time with Douglas (not his real name) , a colleague and listened to his challenges. We had a good chat and I’m glad to be able to help people. This is what I love about my job and it keeps me motivated to come to work every day.

Attended Pentatonix Live concert with my girl. Woohoo! My favourite a capella group! Watched Sound of Music just last week with eldest sister. So blessed ! Need to watch budget though

Setting time aside for some ‘me-time’ is also a way for Angeline to achieve holistic wellness. So she makes time for concerts and musicals that she enjoys.


8:00 pm – Treat for the week – a visit to the spa for much needed pampering!


I try to make my emphasis on healthy living a focus at the workplace as well. I am excited about the new initiative, Active Week. I hope this will encourage more colleagues to take ownership of their health! A healthy staff is a happy one. So thankful for my team who made this possible and my management for their support.

As part of CapitaLand’s Total Wellness Programme that aims at promoting the six dimensions of wellness: physical, intellectual, spiritual, social and emotional, environmental, and occupational, Angeline and her team have organised exercises classes like Yoga and Pilates for staff. In addition, fruits are provided in the pantry to further encourage the staff to eat right.

On top of this, there are annual on-site health screenings and subsidised full-body screenings at select health institutions. The company has also taken to publishing the results of the on-site screenings so that CapitaLand staff know where they stand in terms of their health. This year, Angeline’s team has started engaging Health Promotion Board to explore intervention programs for staff to follow up on their health even after their screening. Instead of the regular fare, healthier choice meals are now provided at Staff Communication sessions and all classes at CLIMB Singapore, CapitaLand’s learning and development institution.

To enhance the physical wellness of the employees, she has started a programme in Singapore called Active Week as part of the Group’s Total Wellness Programme. For a week, employees will be given time-off in the afternoon to exercise at a fitness centre within Capital Tower. They can choose from 13 different classes including Zumba, Body Combat, and Yoga, with each class ranging between 30 minutes to an hour. The fitness centre will offer free rental of t-shirts, shorts and towels while CapitaLand will absorb the cost of the sessions. Up to 300 participants are expected to take part in this innovative keep-fit initiative.


The goals that the family has set across the years!
The goals that the family has set across the years!

8:30 am – Breakfast date with husband at a hawker centre

12:00pm – Had review of goals with family as a checkpoint because the end of year is fast approaching


After an entire week of office and overtime hours, I was so looking forward to my usual weekend breakfast with hubby which we have been doing for 24 years. It's a precious few hours we don’t ever compromise so I’m very thankful for that.

Mid year review for the family. It’s an occupational habit! Yes, the family does set goals together so that we can support each other. And yes, it is complete with mid year reviews.

Setting goals helps Angeline to keep a sense of balance amidst her many commitments, which she carries out uncompromisingly. In fact, Angeline’s family has this practice of 'best person for the job' at home. So living by this principle, she has been able to manage her own expectations of herself and, thus, her level of stress. That also leaves Angeline time and space to recharge over the weekend by doing things she absolutely loves.


Feeling a sense of satisfaction after Shape Run 2014
Feeling a sense of satisfaction after Shape Run 2014

7:30 am – Went with colleagues Nancy and Joan for the Shape Run

2:30pm – Church

6:00pm – Prepared dinner for family


Today’s Shape Run was exhilarating. I had so much fun and I am glad that I can make it. I do have two more public runs this year.

I try to cook every Sunday evening for my family. As a working mum, I am afraid that my kids will say that they have never tasted mummy’s cooking. What’s great is also the lively conversations we have over this meal before we start a new week.

Despite having a rather well thought-out and balanced plan, Angeline is careful to maintain that while she has been practising these total wellness tips, it is all still a journey for her.

“This is just the beginning,” she laughs. “For me, sustainability is important.”

Indeed, a journey of a thousand steps begins with the first. Are you ready to join Angeline on the road to total wellness?