Glam up the festivities by tastefully adding bling to your party outfits
Glam up the festivities by tastefully adding bling to your party outfits

It is the season for parties and celebration. Given the festive mood, it is fitting to add a little shimmer and shine to your wardrobe. But, how do you sparkle this Christmas without looking like a Christmas tree? Insidegives you some tips.

Keep it Low

1. Don’t Face the Shine

Sequins and sparkly details too close to the neckline can sometimes cast unsightly shadows under the chin. One way to combat this is to keep the neckline lower. If your outfit has bling on the bodice, opt for lower necklines or strapless numbers that draw the shine away from your face.

2. How Low Can You Go?

Another way to keep the shine away is to wear the glitter on the lower half of your body. Shiny pants and shimmery skirts will let you add glamour to your night-time wardrobe without overdoing the look.

3. Try Shiny Footwear

How low can you go? Shiny footwear is your answer. One way to pull off a sophisticated look is to pair super sparkly shoes with an outfit in a single muted colour. It is subtle yet sensual. Dresses work better than pants in the ensemble so all the attention will be drawn to your feet.

Keep It Small

1. Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise!

If you are not confident that you can pull off a sparkling outfit or shoes, your solution is to accessorise! And, if you have a change of heart during the course of the night, you can always take them off.

2. You’ve Nailed It

Few things say fun and festive as easily as a statement manicure. If your outfit is understated, pile on the glitz on your nails. From glittery polish to bejeweling your nails to 3D nail art, your options are myriad.

3. Watch Your Accents

Having accents in your outfit is one way to introduce a small amount of shine. Think functional fashion statements like belts and clutches.

Keep it Subtle

1. Be a Minimalist

If you want an all-over bling dress, keep the bling small. Go for one dotted with shiny beads or mirrors instead of a dress covered in sequins, for example. This lets the outfit shine without overwhelming you.

2. Go Towards the Light

Dark colours evoke a sultry vibe. Add glitter to it and the result may be too much. If you want an all-over shine, go for lighter colours. Glitter looks less obvious against a lighter background.

3. Be a Material Girl

The shine need not come from the glitter alone. There are materials that have a sheen to them that can bring on the bling - faux leather, metallic cloth, silk, satin, and chiffon, for example.

4. Balance the Bling

If you have picked a dress covered in shine, then make it short to tone down the glare. Keep the dress modest as well to balance the shimmer. Go for either longer sleeves or a higher neckline.

It is the end of the year. You have worked hard. Let your hair down and bring on the bling for the party. You know how now. Here’s to a sparkly and elegant Christmas!

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