The onesie is a style that is both comfortable and versatile, yet can still be dressed up like this for a formal occasion
The onesie is a style that is both comfortable and versatile, yet can still be dressed up like this for a formal occasion

Once upon a time, they were only worn by babies, farmers and servicemen. Now, Hollywood mainstays from Rihanna to Brad Pitt have been spotted in them: onesies, jumpsuits, rompers, dungarees – the all-in-one outfit. The fashion-forward would have you think that it is the new LBD (the black dress); the wardrobe staple that is this year’s must-have.

But can anyone wear a onesie? Can the onesie take you everywhere? Can it accommodate more than one look? The answer is yes, yes and yes.

How to Pick a Onesie

1. Consider your height

Leggy women can afford to wear full-length jumpsuits. They can even get away with pants with hems that sweep the floor (dubbed the ‘trouser gown’) and still look quite sophisticated.

For petite frames, pick jumpsuits that cut above-knee or even higher (typically called rompers). If full suits are preferred, opt for capri or tapered pants.

2. Consider your shape

Like most styles, jumpsuits can be worn by any body type if chosen wisely.

Hourglass and pear shapes should look out for jumpsuits that are cinched at the waist or belted to slim the waist, and slightly flared pants to balance the hips. Beware of loose-fitting bottoms, though. They tend to emphasise the derriere.

To hide heavier arms, get something with sleeves. Fluid fabrics that skim the silhouette and solid dark colours also flatter.

Apple shapes can try roomier fits around the torso and slim-cut pants. To add curves and soften the androgynous figure, experiment with ruffles and sexy spaghetti straps.

Tall, slender women can pick wide-legged jumpsuits in bold prints. Layers, pleats and soft folds also add softness to the waist, chest and thighs.

Petite figures can get away with rompers and jumpsuits with plunging necklines that give the illusion of length to the body. Wearing a belt slightly lower than your natural waist will also add height.

3. Consider the fit

Whatever the length, fabric or print, a jumpsuit should never be form-fitting.

Pick something looser and flowier that drapes your silhouette. Dressier jumpsuits should nip at the waist to give the illusion of a two-piece outfit with the comfort of onesie. Casual one-pieces should have a slouchier fit.

Since the onesie connects tops and bottom, do a sit test to check for comfort. The jumpsuit should not have extra material pooling in the middle.

4. Consider the fabric

Avoid clingy materials like polyester, spandex or leather. Silk can also be unforgiving as they tend to cling to every bump. Cotton, linen, and soft-knitted jersey are best because they fall around the body nicely.

5. Consider the style

Remember the jumpsuit is a top-to-toe outfit. In order not to overwhelm, stay away from loud animal prints. Floral patterns may work if the prints are small. The safest options are those in solid colours or blocks of colours.

Where to Wear a Onesie

6. For a fun day out

Short to mid-thigh onesies with quirky details like hoods, zips or cargo pockets are playful and are ideal for casual outings. You can go for shorter sleeves, spaghetti straps or totally strapless. For patterns, gingham checks, polka dots, military print, flowers and plenty of colours are what you want. Denim works, too.

7. To the office

Jumpsuits can have their place in the office though they have to be of the tailored variety in muted tones like black, shades of grey, navy, cream and brown. Long sleeves are preferred – otherwise, throw on a blazer.

8. For a night out

Dial up the sexy for the night with halter necks, strapless tops, deeper necklines or bare backs. You can also test out more stylish jumpsuits like those with pants gathered at the ankles, harem pants or flowy legs. Chiffon, silk and satin with a little sparkle will add glamour to the outfit.

How to Style your Onesie

9. Layer It

If wearing one colour or print is too much, break it up visually with a vest, blazer or sweater. You can even dress it up with a fur jacket or sequined bolero for a dinner date.

10. Top It

For a day at the beach, top your playsuit with a whimsical straw hat and throw on a pair of sunglasses and sandals to complete the look.

11. Belt It

Lean body types can add a belt to their jumpsuits to create interesting details.

12. Accessorise It

The onesie is nothing if not versatile. Pair it with flats for a casual day out or a pair of heels for the night. Slip on a long necklace to accentuate the torso or a bit of bling on the ears.

Take these tips to heart and 2015 may be the year you add the wonder onesie to your wardrobe with great aplomb.

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