You can show of your true (patriotic) colours this SG50 by decorating your home in the red-and-white of Singapore's national flag
You can show of your true (patriotic) colours this SG50 by decorating your home in the red-and-white of Singapore’s national flag

Singapore is turning 50 this year and the whole island is abuzz with excitement over this national milestone. While the celebration revs up across the island with parades, promotions and planned events, you can bring the SG50 spirit home by turning your interior décor into a tribute to the nation’s jubilee. Here’s how you can go all Singapore at home.

Because the laws are very firm about how our national flag is used, you won’t find cushion covers, table cloths or bed sheets with the Singapore flag. But you can still bring the Singapore flavour indoors by using the national colours – red and white – in your décor.

Of course, red is a bold colour. So, a measured hand is necessary when using the hot hue at home.

1. Accentuate with Red

Accents are pieces of furnishing, furniture or home décor, usually in a strong hue, that add a pop of colour to an otherwise muted interior. Because it is so vibrant, red makes an excellent accent. The rule of thumb in decorating a room by colours is: 60 per cent dominant colour, 30 percent secondary colour and 10 percent accent colour.

2. Fiery Furniture

There is nothing stopping you for making red the dominant colour in your room. Red furniture can create quite the talking point. Just know that when you do have red furniture, it should be the focal point of the room. So, keep the other decorations in the room clean and simple.

3. Boldly Built-in

Red can be introduced in other parts of the room like the kitchen, bathroom and study that do not traditionally have much soft furnishings by way of built-in furniture like cabinets, closets and shelves. Red, in particular, is a great colour for kitchen cabinets because the deep shade can hide dirt and grime easily.

4. Walled in with Red

Walls can be painted red, too. To create a feature wall, paint one wall red. Remember that red is a dark colour and tends to absorb light so make sure you light the area well. You can also paint your room red to create an intimate, romantic feel since any space painted with such an intense colour tends to feel smaller.

For a splash of creativity, red wallpaper can add an inspired touch to your walls, creating a focal point.

5. Auspicious Entry

Some believe that red is an auspicious colour and having a red door helps to usher in good luck. Colouring your front door red ensures a dramatic entrance always. It is also a novel way to use red as an accent.

6. A Pattern of Passion

One way to ensure that the red in your décor does not overwhelm is to break up the colour by using patterns – checks, stripes, florals and motifs. This allows you to confidently use red through the room for added pizazz.

Just like ours is a melting pot of cultures and ethnicity, going uniquely Singapore in décor style means that there is no one Singapore look. You can go modern or dig deep into Asian roots as you go red and white for SG50. In the spirit of adventure of the pioneers that helped built this nation, go ahead and experiment to create a place that you can truly be at home with in Singapore.

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