Don't sweat over designing a menu for your pool party because there are so many F&B outlets that can deliver posh nosh to please your guests
Don’t sweat over designing a menu for your pool party because there are so many F&B; outlets that can deliver posh nosh to please your guests

When the sun is high and there is not a cloud in the sky, the weather is perfect for gathering round the pool with your friends for a splashing good time. Every party needs a constant flow of good eats to succeed though. Luckily, with so many great F&B; outlets that deliver right to your doorstep, you won’t have to sweat over your party menu. Insidetells you what are the must-haves and where you can find them.

Fuss-free Fiesta

The last thing you want to do at a pool party is struggle with sloppy, slippery food. Finger foods – anything bite-size that you can easily pop into your mouth at one go – is what you want.

1. What to serve: Sandwiches

There are sandwiches and then there are designer sandwiches. Think fluffy, buttery mini croissantsstuffed with an array of gourmet fillings: tender rosemary chicken, creamy tuna salad and smoky grilled vegetables.

Canapes (typically small, bite-sized finger food) can class up your soiree especially crackers or pastries topped with swirls of cheese mousse, smoked salmon or grapes. A variation of the canapé is the vol-au-vent or canapes with a round puff pastry base. The ones at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf are topped with tuna mayo and egg mayo.

Who delivers:

  • Cedele has 12-piece boxes of mini croissants at S$48.
  • The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s Deluxe Canape Sample serves up 20 open-faced sandwiches at S$36.

2. What to serve: Savouries

For canapés with a twist, try tartlets . Pick from tiny tarts filled with curry chicken, tropical almond chicken, honey Dijon chicken, tuna salad, grilled vegetables or egg cheddar cheese.

Another alternative are quicheswhich are savoury pies. You can have mini ones with bacon and turkey ham to add to your poolside spread.

Who delivers:

  • Cedele lets you have 42 of their tasty tartlets in three flavours for S$78 a box.
  • The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s mini quiches come in a box of 20 for S$39

3. What to serve: Pastries

The French call them petits fours (tiny confectioneries and appetizers). Though they can be savoury as well, the sweet petits fours are more popular. Choices include macarons in raspberry, lemon cream, chocolate and praline flavours; coffee eclairs , brownies, praline puffs, fruit tartlets and white chocolate raspberry puffs.

Avoid serving mousse cakes and cheesecakes because these do not fare well in the heat.

Who delivers:

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s Mad About Macarons and Sweet Pickings party packs go for S$36 for a box of 20 each.

Build Up with body-boosters

If your idea of a pool party is action-packed with lots of swimming and pool games, you need to keep the energy level of your guests high. Think carbs and protein-laden foods.

1. What to serve: Carbs

Carbs have somewhat of a bad reputation but they are actually Nature’s fuel. The carbs we eat get broken down into sugars to fuel the body. One great source of carbs is sushi . They are easy to eat, yummy and healthy to boot!

Who delivers:

Sakae Sushi offers different Party Sets (S$43.99 – S$72.99) you can select.

2. What to serve: Proteins

Proteins are the body's primary building blocks for muscle, bone, skin, hair and many other tissues. In fact, after you factor out water, 75% of body weight is protein. Chickenis probably the most universally-liked protein. Since it is a party, indulge a little and serve up some finger-linkin’ fried chicken. Your guests will thank you for it!

Who delivers:

Drumlets, wings and chicken bites - you can get them all at Hot-Star Large Fried Chicken which specialises in over-sized crispy Taiwanese fried chicken (minimum of S$100 for delivery).

Eat Cool, Stay Cool

To help your guests stay cool, serve them food that will keep them cool.

1. What to serve: Salads

Refreshing greens are not just healthy, because they are usually eaten cold, they can help to bring down your core temperature.

Who delivers:

SaladStop! (S$28 – S$36.50) has nearly 17 different salad trays you can order for delivery. Each serves up to four people.

2. What to serve: Ice-cream

No one will say no to ice-cream, so offer this sweet temptation at your next poolside bash.

Who delivers:

Marble Slab Creamery not only delivers the ice-cream to your home, it sends a server to scoop it out for your guests as well. For S$500, you get four pans of ice-cream in two flavours (which serves 120 scoops) along with cups and napkins. For S$100 more, one crew member will be on hand to serve your guests.

Stay Hyper Hydrated

Being out in the sun, your guests are likely to get very thirsty. On average, we lose 47% of fluids or about 1.25 litres of water through our skin every day. On a hot day, we lose a lot more. So, make sure there are lots of beverages available.

1. What to serve:

Stay away from alcohol and overly sweetened drinks. Alcohol dehydrates and not enough can be said about swimming while intoxicated. Overly sweet drinks make you thirstier.

Making your own drinks is the better bet. You can do this well in advance of your party so that on the big day, you are free to mingle with your guests. Try your own homemade Fruity Punch .

How to make it:


When such a dazzling variety of delectable party bites are just a phone call or click away, getting a pool party up and running is a cinch. What are you waiting for? Dive in and gather your mates by the poolside now!

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