Your poolside can become a wonderful place for gatherings or quiet moments of personal reflection if you know how to do it up properly
Your poolside can become a wonderful place for gatherings or quiet moments of personal reflection if you know how to do it up properly

The swimming pool area can be a wonderful focal point for get-togethers or some personal time-out. Properly done up, this outdoor area can be an extension of your living and entertainment space. The challenge lies in optimising your poolside space.

1. Consider the Colour

Begin by deciding on a primary colour to play with. Sure, there are no walls to carry the colour scheme and most outdoor furniture come in neutral tones like white, brown or beige. But the rest of your outdoor décor – the soft furnishings, decorations, even the umbrella - can all add colour to your poolside.

If your pool has plenty of greenery around it, you might want to pick green to carry on the Nature theme. Blue is always a good colour since it plays off the blue of the pool. Sunshine yellow and oranges are effective, too, because they mirror the warmth of the sun. Sometimes, going with a riot of primary colours works well too, because it evokes a sense of playfulness.

The beauty of picking a colour for your poolside décor is that because there are no walls to repaint, changing your mind midstream is a lot less painful.

2. Settle on a Style

Along with choosing a colour comes choosing a décor style. Sometimes, one dictates the other. For example, if you want something Mediterranean, you would have to go with blues and whites. Going for an exotic Balinese look? Pick browns and reds. For the country look, try yellows, oranges or greens.

If you want to evoke Grecian charm, stone-hewn furniture and sandy tones are what you require. Sleek, modern styles dictate that subdue hues like white and cream be used.

3. Don’t Forget Durability

Your outdoor furniture will be subject to the elements. You need furniture that can withstand the blazing sun as well as downpours and still stand up to scrutiny. Metal, iron, teak, rattan and wicker pieces are the most resilient, as are materials that do not rust.

You might do well to have an umbrella, too. It will provide shade not just for you but also protect your outdoor furniture.

4. Know Your Purpose

What you plan to do by the pool will determine what type of outdoor furniture you need. If you intend to lounge by it, you might want to invest in a day bed or a chaise lounge you can recline on.

If you intend to hold pool parties or have barbecue dinners, sofas with tables and dining sets are what you are looking for.

You might want to save a little corner for some alone time. A hammock or a swing is the ultimate outdoor furniture for relaxing in. Lay down and sway your stress away.

5. Dare to Have Details

When you have settled all the must-haves and should-haves, take a step back and see what details you can add for a touch of whimsy to your outdoor décor. Water features are always a hit. And do not forget your outdoor lighting. There is something so magical about sitting by the pool at night under winking outdoor lights.

Now you know what to do to turn your outdoor space into a spectacular place. Enjoy your place in the sun and sit pretty under it.

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