With better technology, kids can now bring hi-tech toys into the water and combine their two great loves
With better technology, kids can now bring hi-tech toys into the water and combine their two great loves – water and technology - into one grand play

Children love playing in water and they also love technology. Put these two together and you know they will have a whale of a time. There are now more and more hi-tech toys that can be splashed at or even submerged in water. Here are some you can introduce to your techno-savvy kids.

Revealing ... Robotic Toys

1. Sphero 2.0

The Sphero 2.0 is the world’s first robotic ball. Think of it as your humble beach ball gone ultra remote. It can zip about at speeds of up to two metres per second, launch off ramps, swim (yes, it is water proof, sand proof as well as shock proof), glow and change colours, and even take snapshots and videos as it rolls around.

Controlled by an app on the smartphone or tablet (your mobile device becomes your remote control), the Sphero 2.0 really gets rolling when you play augmented reality (AR) and mixed-reality games with it. Depending on the app you use, when you look at the real-life setting your robotic ball is in, through your mobile device’s camera, you can see virtual zombies, for example, which you can destroy as your Sphero 2.0 rolls around for real. In mixed-reality golf, your mobile device becomes your club. Swing your device to put your Sphero 2.0 into a virtual hole. As a precursor to becoming a programmer, your little one, if he or she is so inclined, can even programme the ball to perform stunts like follow a pre-set course.

Water games will now have new meaning with the Sphero 2.0.

2. Robo Fish

This robotic fish shaped like Nemo will thrill your young ones. Programmed with five directional swimming actions so that it mimics the motions of a real fish, the Robo Fish’s carbon sensors allow it to be activated when you drop it into the water. To switch it off, take it out of the water and dry it.

Robo Fish is great fun for playing catch in the pool and diving down for some underwater action. The Robo Fish can even be an incentive for little ones who are afraid of putting their heads underwater.

Play with Power Toys

1. Nerf Super Soaker Hydrostorm Blaster

The water gun of the previous generation was only as powerful as your trigger finger or the pumping action you can muster. With the Nerf Super Soaker Hydrostorm Blaster, a motorised pump takes over the manual labour. Just press down on the trigger and a non-stop jet of water will shoot out. It is not the first of such water guns, but it is the most powerful so far. This blaster can launch water up to a distance of nearly 10 metres.

The Wonders of Waterproof Remote Control Toys

1. Fast Lane Radio Control Sea Bird Speedboat

Sleek and streamlined, this speedboat is well over 50 centimetres long. Controlled by a dual-joystick transmitter that has forward, reverse, left and right action, it has a range of over 60 metres. So, whether you are in or out of the pool, you can race this powerhouse.

2. Fast Lane R/C X-craft Hovercraft

If you want a remote control toy that can take you from land to pool, this amphibious hovercraft is it. The massive toy (almost 50 centimetres) comes with a vertical fan that sucks air downwards, allowing it to hover while the lightweight skirt around it inflates to form a cushion so it can go over bumpy terrain. Its design is inspired by actual hovercrafts.

Since it is a hovercraft, the X-craft has no wheels (which allows it to go in water). Without wheels, there is no friction. So, the X-craft can go really fast on land. On water, it does go a little slower but that makes it easier to manoeuvre.

The next time you want some extra excitement at the pool, bring one of these tech toys along. Not only will your little ones be impressed, everyone is sure to have a splashing good time.

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