With the right beauty products, you can get your game face on in double quick time
With the right beauty products, you can get your game face on in double quick time

The meticulous ones take up to an hour, while most need at least half that time. Getting your face ready to meet the world need not be a monumental operation. With the right products, you can look your best in no time at all.

1. Setting The Right Foundation

The usual make-up routine goes like this: moisturiser, sun-screen, foundation, concealer, powder. Together, they work to hydrate the skin, hide flaws, and present an even base for the rest of your make-up. Of course, these many steps translate to many precious minutes.

That is why Clinique’s Moisture Surge CC Cream is such a time-saver. The lightweight formula is moisturiser, liquid foundation and concealer rolled into one. Applied to areas where skin tone is dull, red or sallow, the silky cream provides light coverage and works like a moisturising concealer. Smoothed over the whole face, it is the perfect foundation that lasts all day. Its tri-colour swirl pattern comprises a beauty formula that works to improve skin texture and balance skin tone: Glow White brightens, Fresh Pink reduces dullness, and Fresh Peach corrects sallow skin. Moisturising agents in its formula not only hydrate your skin, they also achieve a conditioning effect with continued use. Because it is an oil-free cream, you can even skip the powder at the end, reducing your four-step routine into a single, hassle-free one.

2. Coverage on the Move

For the busy woman who requires a quick touch-up on the move, there is Estee Lauder’s NEW Double Wear Makeup To Go Liquid Compact. Liquid foundation is now packaged neatly into a portable, spill-proof product.

Its easy application saves time. Press the button once and it releases enough foundation for a light touch-up; twice if you need more coverage. Application is made easy with the sponge provided. The lasting, flawless coverage hydrates while locking in skin moisture, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles for a smooth complexion. It offers the option of doing away with your moisturiser and loose powder, saving you a few precious minutes.

3. The Eyes Have It

Our eyes are considered the windows to our soul for a good reason. They give away clues to our emotional health, while fine lines hint at physical age and eye bags tell of fatigue.

Enter Sephora’s Ooh La Lift. It looks like lip gloss but works like a balm for the eyes. Dot a little under the eyes, then pat it in. The cosmetic cure brightens the area under the eyes because of the light-reflecting pigments in it.

The Ooh La Lift can be worn over your make-up, so if you have had a long day and your eyes are showing it, whip out the stick and let it perform its magic. The other way to wear it is to mix it with your concealer to create a smooth sheen under the eyes. As a bonus, it contains raspberry extracts which give off a pleasant fragrance.

4. Quick-clean Hair

On days you need a hair wash but cannot spare the time, the Giovanni Powder Power Dry Shampoo will come in handy. Dust some powder on your hair roots, massage it onto the scalp, and brush. The powder absorbs excess oil, removes grime and odour, and works as a volumniser too, leaving hair clean, shiny and full of body. Stash a bottle in your bag to liven up limp locks after a long day. It will also come in handy when you are travelling and on a tight schedule.

5. Smooth Operator

If you want to save on your after-bath moisturising routine, the Vaseline Dry Skin Repair Spray Moisturiser might do the trick. Instead of slathering your body with cream, simply spray on the moisturiser for soft, hydrated skin in just a matter of seconds. The spray contains oat extract known to repair skin and provide deep nourishment. The micro-droplets of Vaseline Jelly in the formula also help to lock in moisture.

Beauty comes at a price, but that price need not be precious time. Pick your beauty products wisely with this handy list of quick fixes and be gorgeous in no time.

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