Twin wardrobes with your kids can be a great way for families to show a united front
Twin wardrobes with your kids can be a great way for families to show a united front
Photo credit: Glitter Glam

Dressing up like mum or dad, who has not tried it before? Most children would have stumbled around at least once in mum’s high heels, dipped into her make-up, or gotten tangled in dad’s tie. Kids who want to dress like mummy and daddy (and their parents who want them to) now have quite a few options to choose from. Insidescopes out some.

1. Dress in Mum’s Best

Singapore homegrown women’s fashion label, Glitter Glam, was so successful that two years ago, it decided to start a line of children’s clothing that were basically shrunk-down versions of their women’s wear. They called the label, Marry Had A Little Lamb , a fitting moniker. The mini-me outfits are absolutely delightful because they do not make the little ones look like they are trying to grow up too quickly yet look adult enough for mum so she does not look too cutesy. Best of all, it makes dressing your wee-sized wannabe like you a breeze.

For those who want do have twin wardrobes with their daughters but do not want to over-do it, Glitter Glam offers tops for adults that mirror the kids’ dresses.

2. Fun Family Fashion

In case dad should feel left out, Hush Puppies Apparel has several pieces that let the whole family dress alike. Daddy and his little girl, mum and junior can all be similarly decked out for a united fashion front.

3. Mix and Match with Flair

Quite a few brands carry clothes for adults as well as children. While they do not deliberately set out to offer child-sized versions of their adult fashion, they do have pieces in their kids’ section that look a lot like those in their adult collection. With brands like these, the fun comes from finding similar pieces to mix and match so you and your little one can sync your styles.

The choices for families who want to dress alike and present a united front are ever increasing. If your kids are still willing to dress like you, seize the opportunity and have fun stepping out in style together. After all, this is a fun way to bridge the generation gap.

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