The head-to-toe skin saviour

This unassuming bottle of face and body oil is a top seller in Singapore, loved primarily for its effectiveness in battling stretch marks and scars. Applied twice daily, it helps improve the appearance of new and old scars, and is said to be able to reduce the possibility of stretch marks forming during pregnancy, puberty and rapid weight gain. However, not everyone knows that this paraben-free, hypoallergenic, non-acnegenic and non-comedogenic oil can do a whole lot more! Some of our favourite uses of this little miracle worker are:

Skincare – Add a few drops to your face moisturiser to help even out skin tone and fight signs of ageing. You can also use it as a spot treatment to lighten acne marks, but remember to avoid applying it on broken skin.

Makeup – Achieve the popular dewy-skin effect by priming your face with a tiny bit of Bio-Oil before applying your foundation. Alternatively, dab it on your cheekbones as a natural highlighter. It lends a pretty glow while nourishing your skin!

Hair & Nails – Fight frizz by smoothing a touch of Bio-Oil onto dry hair ends or flyaways as a leave-in serum. It also works as a Vitamin E-rich cuticle oil, giving you strong and healthy nails.

The blemish buster

Anyone with troubled skin owns at least a bottle of acne spot treatment and a tube of blemish concealer. Clinique is here to help you streamline your beauty arsenal with its new Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector & Optimiser.

In one half of the dual-chamber bottle is the brand’s Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector, which contains a unique CL-302 complex that has been proven to visibly even out skin tone and diminish the appearance of dark spots from two weeks. In the other half is a new Optimiser that quells irritation and helps the skin resist future darkening. It is infused with a cocktail of soothing ingredients that helps prevent irritation caused by environmental aggressors, which can lead to dark spots, uneven skin tone and dullness. The custom delivery system keeps the two separated so as to preserve the purity and potency of ingredients until you’re ready to apply it.

With corrective and preventive benefits housed in one bottle, Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector & Optimiser works hard to hide and heal blemishes without hoarding space on your vanity top.

One pen, two ends, three looks

A true black eyeliner is such a makeup staple that it’s not surprising many own more than one. Kohl pencils, gel liners and liquid liners all exist for the same but different reason — to create varied looks according to your mood and style. Estee Lauder has fashioned a unique eyeliner that allows you to create three different looks with one simple tool.

The slim pen has a pointed applicator on one end to create ultra-fine, precise lines for that natural, barely-there look. On the other end is a paddle applicator. Use the thin side for a classic, work-appropriate look, or turn the paddle 90 degrees and use the flat side to draw a thick, dramatic cat-eye.

The non-smudging, non-flaking formula wears for a good 12 hours and is waterproof and ophthalmologist-tested.

The one-pot wonder

A touch of blush makes everyone look fresh and pretty, according to Bobbi Brown, a professional makeup artist who went on to establish her namesake cosmetic brand. It’s true that a flush of colour can make all the difference but it doesn’t mean you need to clutter your life with blushers and brushes, lipsticks and lip glosses.

Opt for a cream blusher that doubles up as lip colour. Bobbi Brown’s Pot Rouge is a two-in-one makeup staple that works on both cheeks and lips, and comes in a handy mirrored flip-top compact. Not only does it save space, it makes brushes unnecessary — simply dab onto cheeks and blend, then press some onto your lips for an extra pop of colour.

This one’s for the guys

For men who frown at the prospect of a beauty regime that goes beyond simple cleansing, Lab Series Skincare for Men has come up with the “ultimate multitasker”. Its Multi-Action Face Wash looks and feels like a regular facial cleanser but discreetly contains the elements of an exfoliator and beard softener as well.

Super-foaming and lightly cooling, the vitamin-enriched cleanser dissolves oil and sebum and unclogs pores while gently polishing the skin. Specially engineered water fuels the cleansing system while anti-irritants work to prevent the onset of upset skin and help to calm the skin’s surface before a shave. The beard hair is softened, providing an excellent prep for a more thorough and effective shave. An effortless way to give the man in your life softer, smoother skin.

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