CapitaLand develops new training programmes to grow leaders, nurture creativity and encourage career ownership among its people.

CapitaLand’s business strategy is grounded in its credo of “Building People. Building Communities.” Despite recent economic headwinds, the company continues to invest in its staff, believing that employees who feel valued and engaged and who are well developed in their area of expertise will contribute to business growth. Building people is a future-proofing strategy that CapitaLand believes in.

Growing and Grooming Leaders

In its pursuit of the “One CapitaLand” vision, the company has put in place the CapitaLand Leadership Development Model (CLDM) to grow and groom leaders and managers for the present and the future. The CLDM places emphasis on several core leadership competencies, which the company expects all its leaders and managers to develop and model.

This competency training is built into the Management Leadership Trek (MLT), a series of managerial and leadership development programmes offered by CapitaLand’s in-house learning and development institute, CapitaLand Institute of Management and Business (CLIMB). Through CLIMB’s MLT programmes, the company’s leaders and managers are equipped with a common set of core leadership competencies that enable them to work as a united, committed and competent team.

Nurturing and Developing Creativity

In these challenging times, CapitaLand also recognises the importance of constant innovation to enhance value and stay ahead of the competition.

Today’s working professionals are faced with increasing workloads, looming deadlines and the pressure to perform. Finding the space and time for creative work is challenging, to say the least. To this end, CLIMB introduced a new programme, ‘Mindfulness and Creativity’, in April 2016.

Mindfulness training helps staff manage their personal well-being and attention levels. By learning to be more mindful, staff can focus more effectively, increase productivity and find better solutions to challenging problems. And when they feel less stressed, creative ideas are more likely to spring up, resulting in more innovation that will, in turn, help the company stay competitive.

Encouraging Career Ownership

As an engaged, fulfilled and motivated workforce is vital to the success of any organisation, CapitaLand encourages its staff to take ownership of their own career and development plans in partnership with their supervisors.

Staff who participated in ‘Career Planning and Development for Executives’, a new CLIMB programme launched in May 2016, learnt to link their career planning to competency development. They were also encouraged to develop their personal vision based on their strengths and areas of interest, plan their career choices using a structured process, and discuss their career development with their supervisors.

Complementing this programme is ‘Career and Developmental Coaching for Managers’, which is designed to equip managers and supervisors with the needed skill sets to coach and guide staff in developing their careers.

Through these training initiatives , CapitaLand ensures that the skills of its staff are constantly revitalised – essential in helping the company grow from strength to strength, today and into the future.

This article is contributed by CapitaLand Institute of Management and Business.