It can be surprisingly simple to rework your bathroom into a restful, spa-inspired space. Get started with these easy ideas.

A spa retreat is a pampering experience not only because of the relaxing massages, whirlpool jets and steam rooms. The ambience is serene and peaceful, which sets the stage to calm and comfort the body, mind and soul. And since mess causes stress, recreating this soothing experience at home ought to begin with decluttering.

In her international best seller The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organising , author Marie Kondo shares that tidying a little at a time almost never works. Like a detox programme for the body, she believes decluttering is a one-off project, albeit one that may go on for months.

Marie Kondo also recommends decluttering by category (such as clothes, books and toiletries) rather than by location and says that instead of throwing out things that you don't need, keep only those that bring you joy.

Once the decluttering process is complete, you only need to add a few small touches to transform your bathroom into a home spa.

Accessorise Simply

If anyone says that looks don’t matter, they aren’t referring to a spa bathroom. The sensory experience begins with a visual treat for the eyes so coordinate bathroom accessories like you would your outfit. An easy way to ensure that each piece works well with the rest is to choose from a ready collection.

Japanese lifestyle retailer Muji offers a full range of bathroom accessories that you can mix and match to achieve the look that you desire. The range is made from smooth, easy to wash and fast draining porcelain to help keep the area sparkling clean. Consider the bathroom tray ($9.90), clear cup ($5.30), dispenser ($11.90) and ring cone ($4.90) that can be pieced together as a complete bathroom vanity set.

Against this subtle background, you can add an occasional dash of colour depending on your mood. Muji’s coloured bar soaps ($3.30 each) are both functional and aesthetically pleasing additions to the bathroom space.

Scents for the Senses

The next step in the sensory upgrade of your bathroom is based on aromatherapy — an age-old practice of using smells to enhance psychological and physical well-being. This concept applies to the bathroom as well since the right scent can elevate your mood.

The Body Shop has a collection of six Body, Room and Linen Spritzes ($19.90 for 100ml) that is a quick fix for the bathroom. Opt for citrus-based scents like the Mandarin Tangelo, Green Tea & Lemon or Pomegranate & Raspberry to reenergise yourself or select a floral one like Jasmine & White Frangipani to stave off depression. To extend the experience beyond the bathroom, use the versatile spritz as a body and pillow spray after your bath.

Luxuriate the Skin

Baths can be both a cleansing and pampering experience. Take your cue from the ancient beauty rituals of the Japanese geisha, who are said to have bathed in sake to detoxify and soften the skin.

American skin and body care brand Fresh has bottled this secret in its indulgent Sake Bath ($134 for 400ml, $81 for 200ml). It contains over 50% detoxifying sake and a host of natural extracts to ease body tension and promote relaxation. Fresh recommends it as a bath soak but the gently foaming formula makes it suitable as a bath gel as well. Complete the experience with Rice Dry Oil, a nourishing natural moisturiser for supple, radiant and healthier looking skin.

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