Victoria Park Villas - Designed for accessibility and convenience, the car porch is on the road level and directly connected to the basement of the house.
Victoria Park Villas - Designed for accessibility and convenience, the car porch is on the road level and directly connected to the basement of the house.

In land-scarce Singapore, there are only 39 residential estates gazetted as Good Class Bungalow Areas. These neighbourhoods are private enclaves of 15,000-square foot bungalows (the minimum plot size requirement to qualify as a Good Class Bungalow) and are often associated with the well-heeled.

One such neighbourhood will soon welcome Victoria Park Villas, an exclusive landed housing project by CapitaLand — and the first prime residential Government Land Sales site awarded since 1996.

Located at the junction of Coronation Road and Victoria Park Road, in the heart of the prestigious District 10, Victoria Park Villas will be a sprawling estate of 106 semi-detached houses and three generous bungalows when it is completed in 2018.

“Victoria Park Villas is a rare collection of landed houses perched on elevated land along Victoria Park Road within the Good Class Bungalow neighbourhood. It presents a keenly awaited opportunity for homebuyers to own a brand new home in one of the most sought after addresses in Singapore,” said Mr Wen Khai Meng, CEO of CapitaLand Singapore.

“Attractively priced, Victoria Park Villas will appeal to landed homebuyers not only for its prestigious District 10 location, but also for its contemporary design with premium fittings, integrated appliances and private lifts. The development will also appeal to discerning and foresighted buyers who prefer move-in-ready landed houses without having to bear the high costs and time needed to rebuild an existing house or build a house from scratch.”

Sophisticated, luxe living

As a development, Victoria Park Villas is a rethink of the conventional landed home, according to project master planner, Mr Mok Wei Wei.

“We deliberately chose not to have one architect design all 109 houses. Having aesthetic variety makes it feel like the estate evolved naturally over time,” said the Managing Director of W Architects and recipient of Designer of the Year, President’s Design Award during a media preview of the development on 31 August 2016.

Mr Mok worked with AR43 Architects, HYLA Architects and Studio Wills + Architects to create a cohesive collection of distinctively styled homes. While differing in design, all homes share an important feature that improves liveability. They have a generous basement, located on road level, which is directly connected to a covered car porch for up to two vehicles. Unlike traditional basements which house utilities or storage areas, the spacious basements at Victoria Park Villas can be converted into areas for entertaining, or a man cave to indulge the man of the house.

Meanwhile, the living room and dining area are located on the first floor, overlooking the garden, so homeowners can enjoy lush views without the intrusion of vehicle headlights.

To support multi-generational living, the homes are fitted with Schindler lifts that serve all levels and are well-sized to accommodate a wheelchair. With a seamless connection from basement to attic, family elders can live on the upper floors without worry.

The homes also come fitted with a sophisticated smart home system that allows owners to remotely control appliances and tailor their physical environment to suit their needs. This includes a security system comprising CCTV, motion sensors and the option of remote monitoring of their homes via a mobile app.

Reinventing a classic

Prior to Victoria Park Villas, Mr Mok has also lent his architectural genius to CapitaLand’s The Nassim. Completed in August 2015, the 55-unit boutique development sits in the Nassim enclave, best known for its colonial black-and-white bungalows.

To pay tribute to the neighbourhood’s colonial era architecture, Mr Mok created The Nassim with past and present in mind.

“[Back then, the veranda] was where the family spent most of their time. It was also the most nicely furnished part of the house,” said Mr Mok in a June 2016 media interview, explaining why he incorporated spacious balconies that extend from the living and dining areas into his design.

The top two floors of the five-storey development also sport louvered window shutters, which were a distinctive feature of colonial architecture.

Venture into any of the units, which range from 1,900 to 9,300 square feet, and a world of luxury unfolds in the form of premium and branded furnishings. From an Ad Nortam magic mirror TV in the master bedroom, MisuraEmme wardrobes and DornBracht bathroom fittings to Gaggenau Sub-Zero refrigerator and sanitary ware from Duravit, Geberit, and Keramag, each unit has been carefully put together to bring a contemporary touch to the gracious living of the past.

Victoria Park Villas and The Nassim may be very different in terms of design sensibility but it is without a doubt that both were built for good class living.

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