07 May 2018 00:00 GMT+0800

Day 7 - School is in session - we're open!

Today is the day! After all the hard work, it's time for a celebration. The volunteers and students put up performances during the official inauguration ceremony of CapitaLand Le Xa Hope Kindergarten.

Mr Tan Seng Chai, CapitaLand’s Group Chief People Officer and Executive Director of CapitaLand Hope Foundation was present to officiate the inauguration of CapitaLand Le Xa Hope Kindergarten.

Joined by CapitaLand's Group Chief Financial Officer, Mr Andrew Lim and CapitaLand Vietnam's Chief Executive Officer, Mr Chen Lian Pang, they  took a tour around CapitaLand Le Xa Hope Kindergarten to see the efforts of our volunteers and the impact it will have on the students. 

07 May 2018 11:41 GMT+0800

Day 7 - Dance (and sing) like no one is watching

A flurry of coordinated movement, smiling faces and melodic tunes. Cheerful Vietnamese songs fill the air. Our volunteers are interacting and playing with the students this morning. Even though our volunteers don't speak much Vietnamese,  music transcends all language barriers.

06 May 2018 00:00 GMT+0800

Day 6 - Five tiers of tyres

When building a playscape for about 350 students, it is not enough to build a tiny play corner; one needs to consider scale. 

Our volunteers have truly outdone themselves. The playscape stretches about 15 metres along the side of the school, and as high as five tiers of tyres.  

Check out the aerial view of the playscape in the photo on the right hand side!

We are so proud of our volunteers. 

The final product will be unveiled very soon! 

Stay tuned! 


The playscape will surely be a hit with the students!

05 May 2018 20:04 GMT+0800

Day 5 - Set your senses tingling!

We check in with our volunteers who are building the sensory wall at CapitaLand Le Xa Hope Kindergarten. When completed, the sensory wall will be the first of its kind at a Hope School.

As the name suggests, sensory walls engage the senses, encouraging the students to interact with the wall and each another; promoting the development of their senses and psychomotor skills. The tactile and auditory elements also motivate the students’ innate sense of curiosity and exploration. 

05 May 2018 14:00 GMT+0800

Day 5 - Time to for a swop

We say a big thank you and bid farewell to Team 1. It is now time for Team 2 to shine! 
Do you spot any familiar faces? 

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Introducing Team 2!

05 May 2018 00:00 GMT+0800

Day 5 - User testing

Even with simple materials, when you combine it with great design, you'll end up with thoughtful products. When designing and constructing for a specific target audience, it is always important to stress test your work and seek user feedback.

From the smile on the student's face, we've done a good job! :)

"I give this 5 stars!"

05 May 2018 11:20 GMT+0800

Day 5 - Cartoons on a Saturday morning

Saturday morning cartoons are great, but what if you can have them even on a weekday? These lively murals will certainly bring a wide grin to the students' faces. 

04 May 2018 18:29 GMT+0800

Day 4 - Nurturing a new generation of volunteers

See the similarities? Even the students of CapitaLand Le Xa Hope Kindergarten are getting inspired by our volunteers and trying to get in on the action!

04 May 2018 11:55 GMT+0800

Day 4 - Sun's out! - Remember to wear your 'non la'!

What is a 'non la'? Our volunteers are donning the iconic 'non la' - the conical leaf hat from Vietnam - to provide some respite from the heat.

Our volunteers remain undeterred and continue making good progress on their respective projects. From simple tyres to a complete playscape, our volunteers are definitely enhancing the school, providing a fun and interactive environment for the students. 

The iconic non la
Preparing the tyres.
Laying out the tyres.
The playscape is definitely coming together!

04 May 2018 11:08 GMT+0800

Day 4 - How to paint a mural in four steps

Our volunteers are channeling their best artistic talent to add colour to the walls of CapitaLand Le Xa Hope Kindergarten.

Our volunteers will be painting two murals at the kindergarten. The two masterpieces will depict the tale of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and a local Vietnamese fable, ‘Thousand Bamboo Knots’.

These illustrations not only provide a colourful learning environment, but to aid the teachers’ efforts in storytelling and engage the young students :)

Step 1: Prepare the stencil.
Step 3: Channel your inner artist and start painting!
Our volunteer: Ms Patricia Lai
Step: 2 Place them against the wall and sketch the outline.
Step 4: Always have an appreciative and supportive audience :)

"I love painting. It is quite therapeutic and it feels good to make a positive change for the kids"

- Ms Patricia Lai, CapitaLand Volunteer

03 May 2018 14:53 GMT+0800

Day 3 – Our first kindergarten

CapitaLand Le Xa Hope Kindergarten is our first kindergarten. The school is currently the largest school in Le Xa commune, playing a significant role in the holistic development and education for about 350 students aged five and below, providing a safe and child-friendly environment for learning.

The students of CapitaLand Le Xa Hope Kindergarten.

Curious to find out what it is like studying at CapitaLand Le Xa Hope School? We follow some of the students to find out more about their time in school!


Dân vũ ra tay

This morning, the students and our volunteers sang and danced to a local jingle,  "Dân vũ rửa tay". 

Loosely translated, the song title means 'wash your hands'. The song is a popular local tune to encourage children to keep their hands clean. 

Check out their choreography!  

03 May 2018 11:49 GMT+0800

Day 3 - Time to get crafty

We’re going into the classroom today. Some of our volunteers and students are getting crafty! For today’s art project, the students are making photo frames. Using just paper, glue, crayons and colour pencils, the students are getting their hands dirty and their creative minds active!

Creating and capturing great memories!
It's all smiles here!
Our volunteers helping the students.
Great art requires good concentration.

03 May 2018 10:15 GMT+0800

Day 3 - Stretch & Go!

It's a brand new day at CapitaLand Le Xa Hope Kindergarten. Our volunteers are warming up, stretching and getting ready for another great day of volunteering. Let's go!

"Everyone, reach as high as you can!"

02 May 2018 15:00 GMT+0800

Day 2 - Welcome to CapitaLand Le Xa Hope Kindergarten!

We are finally here! We were given a warm welcome by the teachers and Principal Ms. Vu Thi Thu Thuy. 

CapitaLand Le Xa Hope Kindergarten is currently the largest school in Le Xa commune, playing a significant role in the holistic development and education for about 350 students aged five and below.

The kindergarten has 10 well-equipped classrooms, a teachers' room, meeting room and toilets. 

We are finally here!
Principal Ms Vu Thi Thu Thuy welcoming the volunteers.
Teachers sharing more about the school.

02 May 2018 16:18 GMT+0800

Day 2 - Mixing play and work!

Before you get any wrong ideas, our volunteers are not here for a leisure trip. There is real work to be done. Throughout the expedition, they will be working on several key projects. One of the important projects – a playscape for the students.

The design of the playscape wasn’t hatched overnight. The students of Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) and Vietnam’s National University of Civil Engineering (NUCE) codesigned it with the local officials, teachers and more, through a participatory design workshop earlier in the year.

From codesign to cooperation. Principal Vu with our CapitaLand volunteers.

Offering a child-friendly space for exploration and play, the playscape is created using locally sourced recycled tyres and water barrels.  The playground is modular in nature, allowing new forms of play that cater to a variety of ages.  

02 May 2018 10:43 GMT+0800

Day 2 – The 75km journey to where it all happens

It’s up the bus and away we go. From Somerset Grand Hanoi, the team will take the 75km and two-hour journey to Le Xa commune.

The bustle and beeps of the motorcycles of Hanoi gradually give way to the green and open spaces of the countryside. Le Xa commune is an agricultural district where over 90% of the community’s livelihood is based on farming.

Taking in the sights and sounds of the journey, join our volunteers on the bus ride!

Up the bus and away we go!
Green spaces.
Narrow streets.

01 May 2018 09:55 GMT+0800

Day 1 - Are you ready?

For our 25th edition of CapitaLand's International Volunteer Expedition, the team is headed to Le Xa commune.  Located about 75km from Hanoi, Vietnam and Le Xa commune is one of the 10 districts in Hung Yen Province. The exact location? CapitaLand Le Xa Hope Kindergarten. 

CapitaLand Le Xa Hope Kindergarten is CapitaLand Hope Foundation's (CHF) first Hope Kindergarten and the 28th Hope School in our network of schools in China and Vietnam. It is also our third school in Vietnam. From now till 8th May, CapitaLand volunteers and our partners will be creating a more inclusive school environment and improving the quality of education for over 350 students of CapitaLand Le Xa Hope Kindergarten. 

Our volunteers - eager and ready to get started!
Our volunteers getting the latest details on what to expect.