Mealtime with our family is so important, especially in a city where food is somewhat a national obsession. From our favourite chicken rice stalls to endless debates over crispy rendang (not acceptable!), we are committed to maximising every single calorie consumed on delicious fare. Nothing less! 

It is tough enough trying to schedule a family lunch - not sure about you but our aunties and uncles prefer an early breakfast while we struggle to get out of bed at 9am on a weekend - so let's take the hassle out of choosing a dining spot.  

Double, double, toil & trouble

A bowl of piping hot soup to warm our cold, weary hearts - there is nothing better than a family hotpot gathering as you trade gossips and stories while you watch the shabu cook for the next 10 seconds. 

Steamboats & hotpots

For those who like to spice things up, try the Riverside Grilled Fish hotpot at Raffles City Singapore and choose from 4 soup bases from now till end May. 

And because there are always family members who cannot tolerate the heat, go for the Da Miao Yuan Yang soup base and taste the best of both worlds. Psst, there's also traditional performances like bian lian (mask changing) at certain times of the day. Plan well ahead of time and keep the little ones engaged too!

For the ladies who love their K-dramas, bring them out to try the new Korean-flavour hotpots at Seoul Garden, with Ginseng Chicken, Kimchi Jiggae and more. Best part of it all, Seoul Garden is Halal-certified, yay! 

Photo by @artemiiiz

Photo by @mightyfoodie

Let's get in hot soup 

Is it possible to get tired of soupy dishes? Maybe not. Somehow everyone seems to love Japanese food and ramen is always a good idea - think rich broths and springy noodles. From black garlic to lobster soup base, there's always a new flavour to experiment. Carbohydrates make us happy, right? 

My mummy loves ramen umami

What do we love more than flavourful ramen? A good deal for flavourful ramen. 

Head to Tempura Ten Ten at Raffles City Singapore where the month-long Mothers' Day promotion means one bowl of free ramen (or tendon) with 3 paying adults. 

If you are hardcore about ramen (like we are), then head to Ramen Champion & Otaru Suisan in Bugis+ and choose from 13 brands of authentic ramen all from different origins. 

For those who love seafood and extra dose of umami goodness, there's Ramen Keisuke Lobster King at Clarke Quay, perfect for post-drinks comfort food. The shells of the rock lobster are first pan-fried, crushed, before they are simmered with a special blend of herbs and vegetables to get that bowlful of Lobster Broth. Sounds DELICIOUS.

Topping it off with pizzazz 

The only people who do not like pizzas - weirdoughs. Too much? Okay, I guess we knead not go down this cheesy path. But really, who does not love a good slice of pizza! Of course, we can argue all day about whether Hawaiian is a good idea but pizzas really make the best family meals!  

Fromage, pepperoni, tomatoes = a good time

The best part about eating with a huge group of friends and family - trying different pizza flavours. 

A bonus if you all love the same toppings so you can order the largest family-sized pizza. You can have it basic - just ham and cheese - or jazz it up with a drizzle of truffle oil or even some parma ham. 

Check out the current promotion at District 10 at The Star Vista, enjoy 1-for-1 pizza with just 500STAR$

Satisfy your craving for this Italian delight at Verve Pizza Bar in Clarke Quay

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Sweets for my sweet 

Cause desserts go to the heart, not to the stomach. And because we love our family, we share that massive 8-scoop Swensen's Earthquake ice cream (and calories) with them.

It's always too abrupt if we just end off any gathering without some coffee or cakes - get cosy with the family at an intimate cafe or ice cream parlour.    

Cosying up over coffee & cakes

Taste freshly made Italian gelato at Da Paolo Gastronomia in Raffles City Singapore from now to 10 June or explore the newest Taiwanese cafe in town, Typhoon Cafe in Plaza Singapura (get 30% off if you spend a minimum of $50). From bubble milk tea to oyster mee sua, our parents may enjoy Taiwanese specialities in a modern, 'hipster' setting. 

If your family is more hipster than mine, then bring them to Social Club Swee Lee at The Star Vista, where they can enjoy artisanal latte brewed with beans from Common Man Coffee Roasters.