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#1 Embark on a mini family scrapbooking project

Immortalise precious family moments with the photos, cards and scribbled notes from your kids that may have been buried under the bills, and by the flurry of everyday life.

Doing this with the children may take twice the amount of time, but you level up sense of satisfaction and how meaningful it will feel. Go at their pace; no harm making it a month-long project then!

It's also a good time to reminisce on memories and let your children share their thoughts and feelings about these shared moments.

Do this with:

3D stickers, washi tape, patterned sticky memos, and wherever your creativity takes you

[Gifts/Crafts and Stationery sections]

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#2 Bake cookies in their favourite shapes & characters

Cookies can be really easy to make, and great fun to decorate with a personalised touch. With the help of cute cookie moulds, simple recipes can be elevated to birthday party status.

Get your children's hands dirty (literally) by involving them in the full baking process. Enlist their help with the mixing, sifting and pouring. There are several kid-friendly (read: easy-grip, non-breakable) bakingware options at the store, as well as plastic storage containers for multiple batches.

If you've more than one child, organise a friendly competition and see who comes up with the most ingenious cookie creations!

Do this with:

cookie moulds in animal shapes, plastic mixing bowls, fancy plates and handy tupperware

[Kitchen and Dinnerware sections]

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#3 Have them grow their own plants like expert green thumbs

Potted plants are a good idea if you want to teach your children the importance of being hardworking, responsible and caring; because while they require some commitment, they're still a lot more low maintenance compared to pets. Taking care of succulents can be fun as they're also a lot less delicate compared to many other plant and flower types!

Check out the Gardening aisle at DAISO to get inspired.

Do this with:

colourful plant pots, mini watering cans, plant activators and fertilisers

[Garden section]

#4 Declutter the home & make them the project managers

A decluttered home may be a distant dream, especially if you've got a big family. Buck the trend and work towards creating that ideal minimalist space - together with the kids. Have them sort their belongings into clearly labelled boxes. Go one step further by empowering them to make choices. Is this something they want to keep, or donate to charity? Do they want to help fold the laundry, or wipe the table after meals? Making them project managers will imbue a sense of ownership and attitude of excellence.

Do this with:

stackable boxes and sticker labels, mops and wash cloths, and some patience and encouragement

[Cleaning/Laundry, Living/Home Improvement, and Plastic Sections]

#5 Evoke their senses & imagination with tactile play

As parents, we know we should be fuelling our kids' imagination, but our hectic lives can leave us with little time and energy to engage them in fun, new experiences. But often, these can be enjoyed in the comfort of home; no need to go OTT.

How about challenging your little ones to get innovative with good ol' DAISO clay? It's easy to handle and mould to desired shape and size, and is akin to a blank canvas for creative juices to flow. 

Heard of slime? It's been trending on social media - fluffy, sparkly, glow-in-the-dark... the possibilities are endless. Get on the DIY slime bandwagon with soft clay, glue and water - and maybe a Youtube video to teach you exactly how. (Don't be surprised if your child's got ahead of you and already knows all the steps!)

Do this with:

child-friendly soft clay blocks, liquid glue, and fine glitter or glitter glue if unicorns are your thing

[Gift/Crafts and Stationery sections]

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If you've got children who are particularly good with their hands, and can sit down for considerably long periods of time working on something, throw them a fun challenge.

DAISO stocks the super cute #DAISOPetitBlock (just check out the hashtag on Instagram) in a variety of designs and cartoon characters - it's like Lego, but the miniature version of it.

Have your children build one of these, and maybe even work up a collection fit for display! These buildables come with different difficulty levels, so they aren't just for our children, but also for the kid in all of us.

Highly addictive, if we may say.

Do this with:

the PETIT BLOCK series

[Toys & Party Supplies section]

#6 Whip up simple recipes for the whole family

The feeling that comes from knowing you've just put food on the table for your whole family can be pretty awesome for a kid. 

DAISO stocks a variety of ingredients, mixes and seasonings, all conveniently pre-packed into sachets to feed the average family and party sizes. Noodles and porridges can be ready in a jiffy by adding hot water, and any ingredients from your fridge for an extra flourish.

To complete the picture, grab some place mats and matching utensils from the store, and have your children set the dinner table.

Do this with:

easy-to-cook soba, miso soup pastes, curry sauces and Korean pancake mixes

[Food & Beverage section]

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#7 Have a pet? Teach the kids proper pet care

A pet can bring a family a lot of joy, as many pet owners will fervently attest to; and pet care can teach children about kindness and patience. While the very young ones learn best by watching the rest of the family model positive pet care behaviour, the older ones can do a lot more! Brushing the dog's fur and bringing it for walks, replenishing the water and food containers in hamster cages, and clearing out cloudy fish tanks are just some examples. 

Apart from having them learn the importance of the above mentioned character traits, roping your children in to care for the pets will also teach them about being hygienic and organised - good habits that everyone should have!

Do this with:

pet grooming scissors, leashes and pet waste bags

[Pet Care section]

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#8 Going for a family holiday? It's work first, then play!

Packing together for an upcoming holiday is really the simplest way to get all excited for the trip.

There can be a lot of travel logistics to think about when you have children. Make it easy for everyone by teaching them how to pack, and break it down into manageable parts. Have someone fold the clothes and slot them into storage bags or packing organisers for the luggage. Someone else grab the toiletries each person needs. 

It will help if you come up with a packing list first! But depending on your child's age and personality, you might want to resist holding on to total control, and remember to compliment them! It always feels nice when Mum or Dad appreciates the effort. Now have fun on that family holiday! 

Do this with:

vacuum seal storage bags, packing organisers, toiletries pouches, and eye masks and chapsticks for the red eye flight

[Clothes/Bags/Accessories section]

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