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The Aquarius Mum (20 Jan - 18 Feb)


Independent & capable

both in & out of the home



intellectual conversations


Temperamental at times;

distracted at others

The Aquarius mum prides herself on being hands-on and capable, and for empowering her children to be as independent as she is. And she reinforces the importance of these attributes by modelling them herself.

Show your appreciation with a gift that speaks volumes: sign her up for dance or fitness classes with complimentary gym access at Amore Fitness in Plaza Singapura with just 2,000 STAR$ on the CapitaStar app.

But even the best of us need a break sometimes too. Offer to give Mum a well-deserved day off by doing the dishes and laundry, and making sure the home is spick and span by the time she returns.

And if you're adept in the kitchen, all the better - whip up a meal specially for her and spend some quality time together. 

The Pisces Mum (19 Feb - 20 Mar)





Being creative

Pursuing dreams & spirituality


Overly trusting, with a tendency

to overlook finer details

The Pisces mum always appreciates a beautiful, dreamy moment where she can relax and let her mind float off into blissful oblivion (rare opportunity for mums, really!)

Gift her an experience that harmonises mind, body and soul by treating her to a rejuvenating face or body treatment at Amore Boutique Spa in Plaza Singapura.

If her schedule doesn't permit, pick out some of the bestsellers from Fresh at Raffles City so she can indulge in a DIY spa in the comfort of her own home. 

If you're shopping at Raffles City, did you know that you can now go cash-lite at the mall with StarPay on the CapitaStar app? Shop and earn your STAR$ to get greater value for your buys; comes with a heightened sense of retail satisfaction for sure!

The Aries Mum (21 Mar - 19 Apr)


Brave, confident &

always up for some fun


Being unconventional &

marching to her own beat


Impatient, with no room

for petty tantrums

Aries mums don't bother much with sweet, romantic gifts, and would very much prefer usable items that allow them to be their adventurous, courageous selves. Pick up a stylish pair of running shoes from PUMA at Bugis+ for Mum to channel some athleisure vibes. For apparel, check out some of the amazing up-to-50%-off deals at the New Balance and Under Armour outlet stores at IMM.

Your Aries mum will also appreciate feeling ahead of the pack, and ever prepared for daily life situations. A mophie powerstation from nübox at Bedok Mall or Tampines Mall is practical, handy and stylish, and will definitely show off her tech-savvy edge.

The Taurus Mum (20 Apr - 20 May)


Always there for you

Devoted to her cause


The meeting of form & function

A touch of luxury & finesse


Stubborn & overprotective

over loved ones

If your mum is a Taurean, you'll likely notice her affinity with the more luxurious things in life. Indulge her material desires and spoil her with a limited edition bangle from Pandora, or an elegant necklace or bracelet from Thomas Sabo.

Good things come in twos, so bundle jewellery with a limited edition floral scent from Jo Malone. These beauty steals are bound to have Mum looking and smelling as amazing as the person that she is! 

The Taurus mum also enjoys the finest of cuisines. Splurge on her and take her out for high tea at The Marmalade Pantry or TWG Tea Salon at ION Orchard. But keep in mind that these are popular places for special occasions like Mother's Day, so make a reservation early!

The Gemini Mum (21 May - 20 Jun)





Exploring new

things & places together


Indecisive & sometimes

uncertain about herself

The best gift for a sociable and expressive Gemini mum is your time and undivided attention. Physical gifts are secondary to you setting aside a day in your busy schedule for her.

Go for a luxurious spa session together at Amore Boutique Spa at Plaza Singapura. Book a table for two at Marche Movenpick in Raffles City, and spend the evening enjoying live music, new cocktail flavours, and some HTHT. 

And if you're wondering if topping it all off with a specially glammed up and indulgent chocolate cake, courtesy of Awfully Chocolate, is too OTT - well, it's not. The Gemini mum will love it!

The Cancer Mum (21 Jun - 22 Jul)


Nurturing, loyal

& imaginative


Lots of care,

concern & cuddles


Suspicious & may be

insecure at times

The Cancer mum is probably the most sentimental of the lot. Personalised gifts will move her to tears and be the stuff she'll keep for years to come. Sign yourself - or the both of you - up for a hands-on Mother's Day Flowers Workshop at Clarke Quay, where you can create your own bespoke preserved floral art piece. It's happening this Sunday (6 May) from noon to 5pm only, so save the date! That's quality time right there. 

Being the nurturing soul whose mind's always on you and the family, she's probably not used to splurging on herself. Well if she won't, you will! Pick out a design from Coach's Spring 2018 collection to let Mum know she means the world to you. Remember the hugs and affirmative words - they go a long way.

The Leo Mum (23 Jul - 22 Aug)


Creative, passionate

& humorous


Being remembered

& prioritised



May feel neglected

Reassure your Leo mum that she is loved and special always! Our mums have been working hard to raise us, feed us and clothe us. Put that sparkle on your mum's hands and make her feel beautiful, just the way she is.

We love the elegant, classy designs at Monica Vinader - of course, we also love a good deal so enjoy that 10% off regular-priced items and an extra 10% for selected products with 800 STAR$.

You know what will make her even happier - get matching accessories so she knows she is always on your mind (and wrist / hand). 

If your budget allows, consider a classic timepiece so she can be reminded of her family's love and adoration whenever she needs to check the time. 

Monica Vinader

The Virgo Mum (23 Aug - 22 Sep)


Grounded, analytical

& hardworking


Details, tradition

& practicality


Overly critical of

oneself & others

Virgo mums are all about practicality and traditions. Create new family traditions and make time to build these lasting bonds!

Does she have a family heirloom recipe? Or simply find out what your mother's favourite dessert is and set time aside to bake / cook / stew together in the kitchen.

Buy that cake mixer she has been eyeing, or shop for that cake stand that will wow the family. It's about continuing traditions, building bonds and spending time together as a family.

You can buy your baking goods from RedMan Baking Studio at The Star Vista or sign up for a family baking class - make it a yearly tradition! 

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The Libra Mum (23 Sep - 22 Oct)


Gracious, diplomatic

& fair-minded


Beauty & comfort,

peace & harmony


Avoids necessary confrontation

more than a messy house

Let her go on that well-deserved break! A brief respite for your Libran mum to seek inner peace, calm and harmony. Librans need space and quiet; don't even get us near confrontations as the peacekeeping horoscope will not be comfortable. What better than a vacation! If she loves lounging by the pool, here are the best poolside views around the world

If time does not allow for a vacation, book that staycation for her. Pamper her with a weekend away, let her curl up in bed with a good read and give her some space to recharge. 

If she's also a shopaholic, book her a stay at the luxurious Ascott Orchard Singapore (here's a special deal for you)


Ascott Orchard Singapore

The Scorpio Mum (23 Oct - 21 Nov)





Taking charge in a

charismatic way


Distrustful & usually

needing some convincing

Bring your Scorpio mum out for a meal. Book a table at her favourite restaurant. If you need a suggestion, check out the gorgeous Violet Oon Satay Bar & Grill at Clarke Quay. If she fancies something healthier, lighter; go Japanese and bring her to Ichiban Sushi at Plaza Singapura to enjoy the special Mother's Day set

Scorpios pay attention to the finest of details. Be sure to plan the special day well ahead of time and impeccably - make that reservation early. Do not, ever, try to wing it with a walk-in meal. We cannot emphasise this enough, book early. 

For the dads reading this, surprise your missus by getting your little ones to set some pocket money aside for the smallest, mini pastry or puff so mummy will wake up to a special breakfast. It's the little thoughts which mean the most. 

The Sagittarius Mum (22 Nov - 21 Dec)





Spontaneity & adventure

with her dearest ones


Undiplomatic & say-it-as-it-is

(with the best intentions, of course)

Satisfy her love for spontaneity by organising a surprise family Karaoke session! Check out the new system at Manekineko Bugis+ and makig it even more thrilling by competing with random strangers in other rooms, there are prizes to be won and victory is always sweet!  

Sagittarius mums love a good adventure and if Karaoke isn't her thing, you can't go wrong with a fancy treat at the cinema. Book tickets at the newest Golden Village Laser Cinema in SingPost Centre so she can enjoy a RomCom or thriller with beer and snacks.

Be unpredictable! Surprise the Sagittarius!

The Capricorn Mum (22 Dec - 19 Jan)


Disciplined, with

good self-control


Traditional values,

rules & order


Pessimistic, with a tendency

to overthink or worry

Our beloved Capricorn mothers are usually too disciplined to splurge on themselves, clothes and 'frivolous' items. Sponsor that shopping trip and treat them to a makeover! Try a new look and encourage them to be bold! We all need some Love & Bravery, head to Bugis Junction for the freshest looks. There's also 10% off at Her Velvet Vase, Plaza Singapura.  

No makeover is complete without a tad of blush or colour, head to the M.A.C Beauty Playground and go wild with the fantastic deals

Love & Bravery