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With children, there's little they can't do, at least in their imaginative heads. They can be the largest T-rex ever, or the most glamourous princess in the world. If you've had a child tell you recently about his or her ambition, you might have been very tickled, or very inspired! 

As they grow, their ambitions may evolve from being a T-rex or princess, to being a vet or fashion designer. If they're sharing these dreams with you, encourage them! Nurture their sense of wonder and courage to conquer the world - they're only this young and fearless once, so dream with them, and turn their dreams into reality with these fun, affordable ideas. Have a blast!

#1 For the kid who just won't come indoors

Does your child often come home announcing a new pet, like the ladybird she found? Or have green fingers that can revive any ailing plant? What a timely reminder to us adults too, to smell the roses in life. Hiking trails, water bodies, and flora and fauna most excite your horticulturist or botanist child. Indulge this love for nature with a trip outdoors. There're many spots around Singapore where nature's best is revealed - fresh air and scenic views to be enjoyed, and instaworthy memories to create. Also an incentive for the grown-ups to get moving!

Photo of The Southern Ridges (by @flyawayg)
Photo of Bukit Timah Nature Reserve (by @johndshamy)

#2 For the kid who knows a souffle from a lava cake

For the child who's hooked on cooking variety shows and tells you he's aiming to be the next Master Chef, sign yourselves up for baking classes together! It's a meaningful opportunity for you to bond with your little ones.

Give them room to get their hands dirty (literally) so they learn about responsibility, patience and ownership; and ask them for ideas on decorating the cake so they feel valued.

How about this hands-on workshop at Redman Baking Studio in The Star Vista? Limited slots only, so book soon.

#3 For the kid who turns everything into a runway

Leftover scrap materials lying around your house will never go to waste; your fashionable child can transform them into creative works of art. Or, perfectly wearable clothes or accessories. This is the next artist or fashion designer of the century you're possibly looking at.

Check out Spotlight or Art Friend at Plaza Singapura together, and pick up some colours and textures for your next scrapbooking or art jamming session. If your child's a little older, how about getting her involved in stitching up a new set of cushion covers for your home? It may be tedious, but will be a confidence booster when completed.

#4 For the kid who creates his/her own adventures

Some children don't ever feel like a stranger in an unfamiliar environment. They're perfect people to take on flights. And at least once in their lives, they must have told you they want to be a nomad when they grow up...

Indulge that dream for a bit with the upcoming school holidays. Take your family to the land down under and explore vibrant, child-friendly Perth. Or enjoy 30% off Best Flexible Rates at participating serviced residence properties, and discover adventure in Bali, Hong Kong, Tokyo and more. 

#5 For the kid who loves fur kids

This kid of yours has a heart of gold around animals, and just knows if the furballs are happy or sad. This is a popular one - when they say they want to be a vet or a zoo keeper. They'll love a visit to We are the Furballs at Bugis+, Singapore's first dog petting cafe. If you already own pets, stock up on supplies at Pet Lovers Centre. Rope your little ones in the process, so they understand what it truly takes to care for all things fur.

And how about a trip to the River Safari? Issue your kids the ultimate challenge: taking a wefie with both Kai Kai and Jia Jia in the frame!

#6 For the kid who always sings in the shower

If this resonates with you, your child probably loves tapping his feet, drumming his fingers, and breaking out in song at every chance. You know he's keen to make his mark as a musician.

Enjoy melodious medleys together at Westgate - there're often performers at the mall's naturally ventilated The Courtyard showcasing their vocal talents. If you're keen to invest further in your child's potential, a wide variety of music classes are available at Swee Lee and Yamaha.

And who doesn't love some celebrity glamour once in a while? If your child tells you with starstruck eyes that he wants to be a celebrity, be that source of support for him!

The Courtyard at Westgate, Singapore

Passion, talent, encouragement and opportunities - ingredients that make success stories. We've celebrated several local talents over the years, and many of them started young! Can you name some? We're really into Nathan Hartono's journey and are proud to #SupportLocal. Did you know he made his debut as a singer in 2005 at the age of 14? He's also the first Singaporean to make it to the grand finale of Sing! China. Living testimony that dreams do take flight.

Keen to catch Nathan at the Funan x Nathan Hartono official fan party on 19 May? Check our Instagram page for updates! Don't forget to subscribe to INSIDE below.

#7 For the kid who loves to have some fun

Wait - isn't that describing just about every kid under the sun? 

Going down the slide and making a new friend on the seesaw - on every child's favourite activities list. The largest rooftop mall playground in Singapore, Westgate Wonderland, has a 10-metre tall tree house and other larger-than-life features to stretch your child's imagination. Or check out the rooftop playground at SingPost Centre, along with a bevy of other free things to do at the mall. This is the best time to snap photos and videos of your little ones at play - memories that last a lifetime. 

Westgate Wonderland
Rooftop playground at SingPost Centre

So, why not let our children dream, and encourage them to believe they can be all they want to be? If you're exploring any of the above ideas at our malls, snap a photo or two and tag us @CapitaLand! 

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