On 18 November 1928, American animated short film, Steamboat Willie, aired at the Colony Theatre in New York introduced the world to what is now the most beloved mouse - Mickey. 

Fun fact #1! Did you know that Mickey was almost named Mortimer?

That was the name Walt Disney was toying with when he developed Mickey Mouse. Thankfully, his wife Lillian Disney didn't think that the name worked for the character. Mortimer subsequently became the name of Mickey's rival. 

As part of Mickey's worldwide birthday bash, Raffles City Singapore is collaborating with The Walt Disney Company (Southeast Asia) for the first "Mickey Go Local" campaign. 

Now if you're an art connoisseur (or a wannabe like us, haha! here are some tips for you!) you must check out the 90 Mickey Mouse figurines designed in true blue Singapore style by personalities such as JJ Lin, Kit Chan, Li Nan Xing and even President Halimah Yacob as well as our President & Group CEO Mr Lim Ming Yan! 

If you're a fan of Mickey like us, head to Raffles City Singapore this month to snag some unique Mickey merchandise! We're talking super cool canvas totes, pouches, t-shirts and more! 

Some of the 90 personalities who designed their Singapore-inspired Mickey Mouse figurines posing with the 90-year-old Mickey himself!

Fun fact #2: Mickey Mouse only has four fingers! 

According to a remark from Disney: "five fingers seemed like too much on such a little figure."

Launched by President Halimah Yacob in the company of Mr Lim Ming Yan, President & Group CEO of CapitaLand Group and Director of CapitaLand Hope Foundation and Mr Daniel Tan, Executive Director, Marketing, The Walt Disney Company Singapore and Malaysia, the exhibition will run from now till 29 August 2018, 10am - 10pm at level 1, Raffles City Singapore.

Do good and contribute to the President's Challenge by simply snapping a photo of the Mickey Mouse figurines and upload them onto Instagram with the following hashtags: 

  1. #RCSArtsinthecityPC
  2. #Mickey90
  3. #MickeyGoLocal
  4. #CapitaLand
  5. #CHFPC  

CapitaLand Hope Foundation will donate $10 per hashtag to the President's Challenge, start snapping and donating! 

We've summed up some of the super fine Mickey figurines here just for you: 

Celebrity Nick Shen on his Chinese opera inspired figurine:

"Chinese opera is a huge part of my life as I grew up watching street wayang with my grandmother, and it’s through the chinese opera stories that i've learned alot about moral values.

I’ve turned my passion into a purpose and has been actively promoting this traditional art to the youths and the world in a bid to preserve its place in the heritage and culture of the ever changing landscape of Singapore."

On his experience designing the Mickey Mouse figurine: 

"Creativity and teamwork.

Most importantly is to enjoy process and have fun!"

Actor Felicia Chin on her take of the Singapore-style Mickey Mouse figurine:

"I pictured Mickey having a really happy and fun time in Singapore! Everywhere he goes, it's greenery!

He even made some new friends who custom made clothes for him that showed the places he went to and food that he ate in Singapore!

His favourites are our iconic dragon-shaped playground found in our heartland of Toa Payoh and eating our local ice cream sandwich, that's the pictures found on his chest!

His friends even playfully scribbled on his arms. It's wonderful to make friends of different races, languages and religions and this unity is one that's uniquely Singapore.

It's really great having you in Singapore, Mickey! It is sooo wonderful to spread Singapore's love to every nation through Mickey, our friend."

Actor Li Nan Xing on his satay-loving Mickey Mouse figurine:

"Singapore is known as a food paradise—with our multiracial society, and being a hotspot for visitors and businesses alike, Singapore's food and cultural scene has welcomed new flavours and perspectives through its doors.

At the heart of our island nation's traditional flavours is Satay—a skewered and grilled meat enjoyed by individuals of all ages, races, and nationalities.

The message we wish to share is a simple one - non-discrimination - everyone bonding over food."

Food artist Shirley Wong (@littlemissbento) on her floral Mickey Mouse figurine:

"Being surrounded by greenery is something that has made me love and appreciate Singapore a lot on top of the delicious food.

This time I decided to move outside my comfort zone, and explore non-food elements as my medium.

Through the pink bursts of prints and flowers, just like the ‘spring blossoms’ that Singapore experienced a few years back. Have a pink flora time!"

"As a Singapore filmmaker, seeing a whiter than white Mickey, I ask myself how can I reflect Singapore movies on this original icon of movies. When I finally came up with the idea of a paper mache, the challenge was to find the iconic Singapore movie posters."

- Daniel Yun, Producer Director

Fans of JJ Lin wil also be inspired by his concept for the Mickey Mouse figurine, making reference to the black-and-white Steamboat Willie origins:

"I call this piece the Mickey Companion.

It’s meant to be taken with a little bit of humour - the customized colours also draw reference from one of the most iconic modern art figures today, in which we can also find some likeness to the original Mickey Mouse in Steamboat Willie.

I want to remind everyone that we are a reflection of each other, be it in the area of style, pop culture, art, music, or personality.

So we should embrace the fact that we are all connected through our lives and work, and always be ready to infuse a little fun wherever we go."

President Halimah Yacob unveils her design, the President's Challenge Mickey.

(Right to left) President Halimah Yacob and Mr Lim Ming Yan, President & Group CEO. Mr Lim shared the story behind ‘Flourish & Bloom’.

"Our community coming together to show our love and care to the underprivileged and less fortunate is symbolised by the heart.

Vulnerable individuals and groups are also empowered through skills upgrading, capacity building and employability which facilitates them in their integration into society their onward journeys to improve their circumstances in Singapore.

As we celebrate Singapore's coming 53rd birthday, Mickey joins in the celebration by donning our National Colours."

- President Halimah Yacob

A timelapse of President & Group CEO Lim Ming Yan working on his Mickey figurine!

Titled Flourish & Bloom, Mr Lim Ming Yan on his inspiration:

"Cultivating orchids takes patience, skill and creativity, the same elements essential to building quality developments. As the national flower, orchids are also closely associated with Singapore. The orchid motif on Mickey’s shirt reflects CapitaLand’s heritage as a Singapore company, and its role in nation building.

The two species of orchids featured are hybrids cultivated specially for CapitaLand in support of President’s Challenge in 2011. From a tiny bud to glorious inflorescence, the orchid hybridisation and cultivation process is one that requires perseverance and it is in this same spirit that CapitaLand will continue its pledge of hope, of love, of building communities; so that it can continue to see goodness bloom and goodwill flourish.

The purple Cattleya CapitaLand’s lush blooms, long flowering season and strong adaptability to the environment, reflects the Group‘s sustainable development and continuous growth. Whilst the smaller Phalaenopsis CapitaLand carries an elegant blend of pastel yellow and soft pink, embodying vigour and vitality as it sways gracefully in the wind."

- CapitaLand President & Group CEO Mr Lim Ming Yan

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