Photo: Guzman Y Gomez

A good lunch need not be an expensive affair, especially if you’re on a tight budget. If you happen to be near the Buona Vista area, grab some food at The Star Vista that will leave both your tummy and wallet satisfied!

Take advantage of our shuttle service from Monday to Friday between 11.30am and 2.30pm if you’re working nearby Buona Vista.

We have sussed out 10 restaurants at The Star Vista with affordable lunch options that are $10 and below to keep you happily full without breaking the bank. From homely Chinese cuisine to exciting Korean fare, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Bon Appetit!

1. For the Thai foodie - Porn’s Sexy.Thai.Food

Photo: PORN'S

Travelling to Thailand for authentic Thai food is a thing of the past when you can savour the same tasty delicacies at your favourite shopping mall.

Entice your taste buds with Porn’s special Set Lunch menu only from Monday to Friday at The Star Vista which offers a diverse selection of Thai dishes that’s sure to leave an explosion of flavours in your mouth.

The Meal: Tom Yum Rice Set (S$9.80)

Infused with lemongrass and spices, this tangy, flavourful broth packs a fiery punch. Served simmering in a hot pot, expect generous portions of seafood and vegetables in this well-loved Thai staple. The set comes with rice, mango salad and a choice of Thai green tea or lime juice so you can fully immerse yourself in a genuine Thai experience right here in Singapore.

2. For the meat lover – Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ Restaurant

Craving for quality meat but not so keen on the hefty price that comes with it?

Now you can get your hunger pangs satisfied with Gyu Kaku’s Value Set Lunch at The Star Vista, available on weekdays, except public holidays. 

The Meal: Miso Pork Don Set (S$10.00)

Imagine this: Juicy slices of pork belly stir fried with onions in miso sauce, piled on a bed of hot, fluffy rice and topped with sesame seeds, spring onion and leek, with pink ginger on the side.

Still hungry? Our value-for-money set also comes with miso soup, salad as well as kimchi!

Photo: Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ

3. For the unconventional diner – OMOOMODON


If you have a palate for the quirky, OMOOMODON is the right place for you.

As interesting as it sounds, this halal-certified restaurant at The Star Vista fuses elements of Korean and Japanese cuisine in a diverse menu of Signature Dons that will tingle your senses.

The Meal: Bird’s Nest (S$10.00)

This unique fusion dish consists of supple glass noodles in a Korean BBQ sauce topped with perfectly marinated spicy chicken and a runny onsen egg. Doesn’t it sound awesome?

For the mere price of $10, we’re sold!

4. For the noodle addict - Central Hong Kong Cafe

Slurpy soupy goodness awaits.

You can have your fill at The Star Vista’s Central Hong Kong Cafe, which serves authentic Hong Kong fare and street food, including a wide range of noodles that will leave you spoilt for choice. 

The Meal: Braised Beef Brisket Noodle (Soup) (S$7.00)

Satisfy your craving and your wallet with a bowl of springy noodles soaked in a rich broth, topped with tender chunks of braised beef brisket and garnish.

Photo: Central Hong Kong Cafe

5. For the chicken aficionado - Nando's

Photo: Nando's

Madly in love with chicken? Look no further than Nando’s for your chicken fix!

Nando’s serves up PERi-fect Lunch Goals, wallet-friendly options for a taste of their famous PERi-PERi chicken at a fraction of the price.

The Meal: Chicken Trinchado and a Bottomless Soft Drink Set (S$8.90)

Grilled chicken tenders are soaked in a special PERi-PERi and garlic sauce and served with a plate of piping hot Mediterranean Rice.

To top it off, you get a refillable soft drink to complete your meal.

Now that’s really value for money!

6. For the comfort seeker – Segar Restaurant

In need of some hearty fare?

Segar Restaurant at The Star Vista offers a variety of halal Chinese local delights that will put your heart (and tummy) at ease as you savour the familiar flavours and reminisce the good old times you had eating these simple yet fulfilling dishes.

The Meal: Seafood Fried Rice (S$6.00)

Indulge in an inexpensive, comforting plate of Seafood Fried Rice where generous chunks of seafood and vegetables are tossed into a bed of fragrant fried rice. Reminded of those nostalgic late night supper outings with friends yet?

7. For the Senors and Senoritas – Guzman y Gomez

Guzman y Gomez uses only the freshest ingredients in order to serve you authentic Mexican fare that’s bursting with flavour.

Say Hola to your new favourite lunch spot. 

The Meal: Quesadillas (2 for S$8.50)

GYS’s version of the quintessential quesadilla consists of melted Jack cheese, salsa and your choice of filling encased in a grilled soft corn tortilla, perfect for those who want an economical yet substantial meal. 

Photo: Guzman y Gomez

8. For the Japanophile – Watami Japanese Casual Dining Restaurant

When flying to Japan is just a dream, the next best thing is to have a taste of the country right in your favourite shopping mall near Buona Vista.

Watami at The Star Vista offers you a similar gourmet experience with its extensive lunch menu at reasonable prices so you can save up for an actual trip to Japan!

Photo: Watami

The Meal: Pepper Beef Rice in Stone Pot Set (S$9.90)

A sizzling hot stone pot of rice topped with generous amounts of beef slices and corn, then sprinkled with black pepper and spring onion - how can you resist?

Plus, the set comes with miso soup, a salad and a drink for a well-rounded meal, all for below $10.

Photo: Watami

The Meal: Tokyo-style Beef Rice Set (S$9.90)

If you prefer your beef well-done, the Tokyo-style Beef Rice Lunch Set at Watami is another equally affordable and hearty option.

The camera gets to eat first! Get all your Instagram-worthy shots before you break that delicious onsen egg perched in the middle of the bowl.

9. For the health-conscious – YOLO

Photo: YOLO

Maintaining a beach body doesn’t mean you have to restrict yourself to bland offerings all the time.

Toss all your misconceptions aside with YOLO, a halal-certified restaurant at The Star Vista with delicious and affordable vegetarian, vegan and gluten free food options specially designed to meet one’s lifestyle needs.

Now who says healthy food can’t be yummy?

The Meal: Cauliflower “Fried Rice” with chicken and veggies (S$7.50)

Ingeniously prepared with cauliflower to resemble grains of rice, the meal comes with chunks of chicken and a good mix of Asian veggies that will leave you marvelling at the taste and texture of this innovative dish.

What’s even more amazing is that this low GI and high protein dish is only 300 calories!

10. For the Chinese soup enthusiast – Lao Huo Tang

If these Chinese tonic soups rank high up on your must-eat list, look no further than Lao Huo Tang at The Star Vista to get your bowl of nourishing soup to get you through the day.

Dig into traditional Chinese soups made of lean meat, pork ribs and other healthy ingredients to ensure that your meals are low in calories, fat and sodium.

The Meal: Pork Rib with Apple & Snow Pear Soup (S$9.80)

This best-selling bowl of rich but clear broth is a refreshing option.

Boiled with tender pork ribs, the soup is naturally sweetened by the humble apple and snow pear, giving it an unforgettable taste.

This nutritious soup is known to help with the common summer cold and flu, soothe the throat, and improve one’s complexion among several other amazing health benefits.

Furthermore, it contains cooling properties that is perfect for Singapore’s summer heat!

Photo: Lao Huo Tang