A manifestation of good things to come. Rising star Nathan Hartono fills us in on his first Mandarin single, and his soft spot for noodles. 🍜

“Come on over here, you feel it”, belted Nathan Hartono at the live rendition of his debut Mandarin single ‘爱超给电’.  

We certainly felt the captivating pulse and passion from the man of the moment, along with a hundred adoring fans who showed up for Nathan’s exclusive fan party, recently held at the Funan showsuite.

What’s Funan about, you ask? Funan* looks set to be Singapore’s creative intersection when it opens in 2019. The showsuite located close by at the junction of High Street and Hill Street is a sneak preview into what one can expect at Funan – with weekly pop-up events including craft workshops, community talks and exclusive performances from the likes of Nathan Hartono.

*Read about Funan’s newly unveiled digital initiatives here.

🎸 Nathan Hartono's live performance at the exclusive fan party @ Funan showsuite. 📷 Photos: Jon Cancio

The meet-and-greet session with Nathan Hartono was a hit with fans as they had plenty of time to have their merch autographed, and got up close (Yas!) for photobooth sessions.

We caught up with the talented singer-songwriter on his thoughts about the fan party, and what it means to support local.

How was your experience at the fan party @ Funan showsuite?

It was a great event, and a nice opportunity to do something different from the usual. The space lent itself perfectly to an intimate session with my fans, and I was personally very impressed with the venue. Not only for its flexibility as an event venue, but also for its great location. 

Tell us more about your debut Mandarin single, ‘爱超给电’.

It was actually an English song at first, about the electrifying, all-consuming feeling you get when struck with infatuation. 

With its redevelopment well underway, Funan is set to be the new home for local designers, makers and creatives. Could you share your expectations for Funan when it opens in 2019?

I can’t wait to see what it has in store for us. If the showsuite is any indication of what Funan could be, I foresee myself spending a lot of time there. It has a very laid back atmosphere, but still technologically advanced and extremely convenient.

📷 Photo: Leslie Kee


What are 3 of your favourite local brands?

Razer. Khong Guan. Osim.

Cool. Sponsors alert! And name three of your favourite local dishes.

Bak Chor Mee. Mee Rebus. Prawn Noodles with Bak Kut (Pork Ribs).

I guess I really like noodles!

📷 Photo: @NathanHartono

What does supporting local talents, or #SupportLocal, mean to you?

It just means making the effort to seek out local music, which is a little harder to find due to budget constraints and exposure.

There are tons of great content out there, made in Singapore, just waiting for eyes and ears to fall in love with it. Supporting local is taking that first step in seeking it out.

As we’re drawing closer to the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which team are you rooting to win it?

I’m not an avid soccer fan, but I do like the World Cup as it's much easier to follow.

I guess I’m rooting for Germany? They’ve always been my default since I first watched Oliver Kahn (German goalkeeper) in 2002.


Cheers to that! Germany seems like a safe bet as the defending champions look to retain the FIFA World Cup this summer. We can’t wait to listen to Nathan Hartono’s mandarin EP when it drops later this year, but excuse us while we get caught up in the World Cup fever.

Stay tuned to INSIDE next Friday, 8 June for all the World Cup action you can get up to!