This activity is not only to offer street children a day to play with enjoyable toys and games at Vista Explorer Kids playground but also to provide them with a day to learn First Aid lessons.

Street children, mostly orphans and from very poor families, considered as ones of the most underprivileged children are leading their harsh lives. They have to work very hard to support themselves and, in many cases, their parents or relatives too. While children at their ages enjoy nice food and beautiful toys, street children must work for their basic needs by selling lottery tickets, balloons, and colleting bottles and cans. Many of them are injured due to severe working condition which may cause several types of accidents. Unfortunately the majority of street children lack of first aid skills which can lead to unnecessary deaths, injuries and disabilities.

CapitaLand believes that street children deserve to play and forget their hard life, especially on the Children’s Day, so we brought them back to their childhood with toys and games at Vista Explorer Kids playground at The Vista. This playing field has just been created for The Vista residents’ kids.

Children Day 3

Mr. Lim Hua Tiong, General Manager, South Office, CapitaLand Vietnam, said: “Children are our future. We would like to take care of them, not only for The Vista residents’ kids but also for underprivileged children. We understand the difficulties and challenges that street children face on a daily basis. We think first aid is a life skill that everyone can and should learn. We want street children to have the opportunity to learn the skills and gain the confidence to save lives. CapitaLand believes that this event will help the street children understand the importance of being saved and first aid acting timely. Furthermore, First Aid lessons will ensure that street children remember the skills and tell their friends about what they have learnt. In the long run, this will allow street children to protect themselves and to support their friends in case needed.”

Besides offering the playground and first aid training course for the street children, CapitaLand (Vietnam) also supports food, milk, biscuits and candies to mark the Children’s Day as one of their sweetest days.

Sister Nguyen Thi Thao, Dean of Holy Rosary Center, shared: “We are so happy to bring our underprivileged children to The Vista, the beautiful and green project of CapitaLand, to enjoy the Children Day. The Children Day festival this year is a beautiful memory for all of us”.

Children Day 4

Organizing the Children Day for the street children of the Holy Rosary Centre in Ho Chi Minh City is just one of CapitaLand (Vietnam)’s CSR activities and the company has also been actively involved in helping the community, to create a better and more conducive educational environment for children.