Ngày hiến máu 30/09/2016

“Blood connects us all” was the theme of this year’s World Blood Donor Day, highlighting the common bond that every person shared in their blood. The slogan, “Share life, give blood”, draws attention to the role that the voluntary donation system play in encouraging people to care for one another and promoting community cohesion. “Although we have many external differences, the same vital blood pumps through all our veins,” said Dr Margaret Chan, WHO Director-General. “Voluntary, unpaid blood donation is the act of giving life – the greatest gift any person can give or receive.”

Khách kiểm tra sức khỏe trước khi hiến máu

Mr. Chen Lian Pang, CEO, CapitaLand Vietnam said: “I am happy to witness not only the participation of staff from CapitaLand and Ascott, but also our stakeholders too. This is the 10th year that we are organizing the blood donation drive and we will continue to hold this event annually. In line with our motto, “Building People, Building Communities”, this blood donation event is one of our various CSR approaches to create better lives for Vietnamese people”.

Nhân viên và cư dân CapitaLand và Ascott

The event welcomed not only CapitaLand employees, Ascott employees working in Somerset Chancellor Court, Somerset Ho Chi Minh City, and Somerset Vista, but also the residents, retail and office tenants and the general public to donate blood. We recognized 160 blood donors with a total 215 unit of blood donated.

Khách hiến máu

Architect Nguyen Dinh Khoa, a staff from Project Management department, CapitaLand Vietnam, shared: “I am one of the blood donors and participate annually in this meaningful event. I feel proud working for a company which not only cares for its staff but also for the community. The theme of World Blood Donor Day this year is “Blood connects us all” and I find this very relevant to our CSR initiatives that connect CapitaLand to the community in Vietnam”.