The Lakeside

Lakeside Project is located at the central position of Sino-France Eco Demo City in Caidian District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province of China, approximately 20 km to Wuhan city centre. The project is situated in the district’s Houguan Lake Eco-City and enjoys good natural environment and accessibility. Subway station of metro line 4 extension and metro line 3 extension are nearby Lakeside. The new Hanyang railway station will locates in Fenghuangshan of Caidian district, 4 kilometers from Lakeside. The projects are also located next to Tongji hospital, 3 kilometers from Lakside. The whole development is divided into Phase 1(1,040 units) and Phase 2 (sub-divided into Phase 2a (488 units) and Phase 2b (718 units).

Key facts

Address Caidian District Hanyang Avenue and Lake Road intersection, China, Wuhan
Property Type Homes
Total Site Area (sq ft) 2416594.76