Citadines Maine Montparnasse Paris

The dichotomy of modernity and tradition blurs in Paris’ 14th district. Picture 20th century artist studios against the backdrop of contemporary skyscrapers, or busy shopping malls juxtaposed with arts exhibitions.

Take it all in at Citadines Maine Montparnasse Paris. Imagine the Roaring Twenties, an era when Montparnasse was the epicentre and then birthplace of Paris’ renowned artistic flair. The district still retains its old ways with its heritage seen and felt in arts markets nestled in the Boulevard Edgar-Quinet.

From your serviced residence, duck into the Gaîté metro station just a stone’s throw away. Pick a destination - any destination. Indulge your artistic cravings and head to the Cité Internationale des Arts, where artists-in-residence work hard to give shape and form to their muses. Amedeo Modigliani’s and Georges Braque’s magna opera have taken centre stage here.

Key facts

Address 67, avenue du Maine, France, Paris, 75014
Property Type Lodging