JUMPA is a refurbishment project initiated by CapitaLand, sits an approximately 1/3 of the Sungei Wang NLA as an annex block seated at the previous anchor parcel within Sungei Wang. It is a retail space redesigned with the 3 elements: - Energetic, Creative & Magnetic!

Nestled in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur’s bustling artery of road networks with seamless interconnected pedestrian streets, JUMPA is located at the centre of all actions.

By navigating a simple yet active journey, JUMPA attract visitors to encounter the new modern and sporty lifestyle experience that you have never had before. You can discover a wide array of offerings from retail to food & beverage, food market, athleisure and family entertainment together synthesise into a timeless encounter for urbanites and tourists.

With a great combination of recreation and sports, JUMPA also hosts activities like Wall-Climbing, Extreme Sports to Specialized sport retailers, a go-to destination for urbanities, working communities, tourists and families that are looking for active lifestyle!

JUMPA is THE place for “Work Hard & Play Hard in the City!”  It serves more than shoppers but also the surrounding community to stay healthy together.