Check out the various green initiatives by retailers in CapitaLand's office community and what we can do to go green with them!


🏢 Asia Square Tower 2 (Food Garden, L2), Capital Tower (L1), One George Street (L1)

1. Bring your personal mug or tumbler to enjoy 50 cents off beverages

2. Disposable cutlery for take-away orders will only be provided upon request - ask for it only when you really need it!

3. Cut down on single-use paper bags by bringing your own reusable bag or purchase tote bags and reusable bags in store.

4. Starbucks shares their excess grounds with customers. Connect with the store managers and let them know your gardening needs, and they will set aside their used coffee grinds for you!


🏢 Asia Square Tower 2 (Food Garden, L2)

As part of their efforts to be part of the sustainability movement, Guzman y Gomez have also stopped the use of straws with effect from 1 July 2019.

Say no to single use - bring your own cutlery and avoid taking plastic bags!


🏢 Capital Tower (L1), One George Street (L1)

1. Get 50 cents off your drinks when you bring your own cups/tumblers/mugs!

2. Get one free topping when you bring your own food container

SaladStop! has also implemented a bag-sharing system. If you really need a bag, you may borrow a bag from the store and return them later. Otherwise, SaladStop! charges 10 cents for brown bags.

In June 2019, SaladStop! launched their stainless steel straw initative to reduce the usage of plastic straws and to pave the way for their strawless vision for 2019. 



🏢 Capital Tower (L36)

Get 50 cents off any bevarage purchase when you bring your own cups!

From mid July 2019, Joe and Dough will be removing the use of plastic straws and paper straws will be available for customers upon request.

As part of their effort to reduce single-usage, Joe and Dough will also stop serving their dine-in iced beverages in plastic PET cups.


🏢 Asia Square Tower 2 (L2)

Support green efforts! Exclusively for all CCT tenants, get $10 off all cleaning services at For the Love of Laundry. Terms and conditions apply. Click here to find out more.  

Reusable garment bags are also available at $5 each, as an initiative to put an end to plastic waste. 

For the Love of Laundry is the only company in Singapore to clean purely with GreenEarth, a toxin-free technology that is better for you, your clothes and the environment.

They use an all-natural liquid silicone that gently rejuvenates the most delicate fabrics, while most dry cleaners use a petroleum-based solvent (Perc) which damages clothes over time and also poses severe health and environmental risks.