The Office of the Future


While companies around the world are at different stages of embracing workplace flexibility, here at CapitaSpring, we are all ready to support this shift.

According to real estate consultancy JLL, around 3.8 million people occupied flexible workspaces in Asia Pacific in 2020. And by 2030, as much as 30% of corporate portfolios would comprise such spaces.

With the growing appetite for hybrid work environments over the past decade, CapitaLand has already been at the forefront, growing its “office of the future” strategy since 2018.

CapitaSpring’s “office of the future” design integrates traditional office space (core) with flexible space (flex) in the same development. This creates an ecosystem of innovative workplace solutions that are agile, community-driven and tech-enabled, providing additional value to all tenants.

With this Core-Flex model, conventional office tenants with flexible requirements can make use of flex spaces while companies in co-working spaces can opt for core spaces as their business grows and scales up. 

Through partnering co-working space operator The Work Project (TWP), whose stunning spaces have graced Forbes’ list of ‘5 Most Beautiful Coworking Spaces in the World’, CapitaSpring is well-positioned to support such space requirements of its tenants and partners.

A World-famous Workplace Specialist

At CapitaSpring, Core-Flex is achieved through a strategic partnership between CapitaLand and TWP to complement and integrate the former’s core offerings with the latter’s flexible spaces.

Established in 2016, TWP has made its stylish presence felt in the Central Business District (CDB), with 85% of its portfolio in Grade A CBD buildings. 10% of CapitaSpring’s office net lettable area has been earmarked for TWP’s flexible workspaces.

At Level 21, you’ll find TWP’s array of co-working spaces and facilities, while levels 39 and 40,managed by TWP for CapitaSpring, will be home to TWP’s customised enterprise workspace solutions for tenants. Through a management agreement for these 2 levels, it allows for the co-working spaces to be operated as an integrated amenity with the entire community at CapitaSpring.

Upon entering level 40, guests are greeted with a mid-modern century generous reception, lounge and meeting room suite. Red travertine, a finish of the base building core, is pulled through the lobby spaces to create a sense of continuity. This material is paired with American walnut veneer, blue-grey granite flooring, and polished stainless-steel elements.

Noeleen Goh, Head of Sales, Investment & Asset Management at TWP Singapore said: “The design of these levels seeks to capture the spirit of enterprise and industry. Our generous reception, lounge, and meeting room suites enjoy views over Singapore's Marina Bay.

“Level 21, in contrast to the higher levels, offers small to medium-size offices with more dynamic floor plates, and a design inspired by the sweeping forms and aerodynamic lines of sports cars and yachts. Together, these three floors provide workplace solutions that cater to both large enterprises as well as smaller office users.”

Level 40 and Level 21 of TWP @ CapitaSpring

A World of Benefits

If you think co-working spaces are only for start-ups, think again.

A change of scenery can do wonders for employers and employees alike. 79% of people in workplaces with a variety of settings report higher productivity and a more positive experience overall. Even hot-desking for just one day a week could be all it takes to rejuvenate your attitude towards work.

With TWP’s fully furnished serviced offices, thoughtful workplace offerings now see companies saving the hassle of fitting out their own workspaces. Fully decked out rooms and innovation suites with Herman Miller fittings, these will not only meet every type of meeting need, but are sure to impress.

The suites, designed by award-winning design studio HASSELL, can host up to 100 people and offer a holistic meeting experience complete with food and beverage, as well as other hosting solutions.

With TWP’s shared resources and professional services such as receptionists, office administrators and IT support, improving your day-to-day workflow has never been easier.

The Future is Flexible

Whether you’re an office tenant searching for the right flex space, or a start-up ready for your own core office, there’s a flexible solution for you right here at CapitaSpring.

Providing tenants an option that differs from the traditional lease model, CapitaSpringenables tenants to customise the fixed and variable lease terms of their core office space according to their needs. That means you now have the freedom to change your short-term and long-term physical footprint in tandem with your product or business cycles.

The best part is how you still have full access to CapitaSpring’s array of flex spaces, while working out of your core office.  

From purpose-built innovation suites for brainstorming to lab-inspired environments for prototyping, to private meeting rooms for client presentations, the perfect flex space will be just steps away from your office.  

Forget oversized spaces with under-utilised meeting rooms. Stretch your dollar even further by choosing a core office that’s just the right size for your business needs.

At CapitaSpring, a wide variety of meeting spaces are available on demand, and tenants with high volume requirements can even sign up for meeting room packages to enjoy bulk discounts.

Best of Both Worlds

Flexible workspaces and traditional offices have long been thought to be mutually exclusive. But today, companies of all sizes are beginning to see how both can be employed in tandem to meet a wide spectrum of changing needs.

Experience the “office of the future” at CapitaSpring, and equip yourself with the right workplace solution to achieve greater flexibility, optimise costs and drive innovation and collaboration.

After all, the world never stands still. Neither should your workspace.


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