Thank you for participating in Live It Up! 2020!

We hope you’ve had a great time discovering 📚 new knowledge, tips and 💡 creative ideas on all things wellness and sustainability! Remember to continue to Take Charge & Get Going in the areas of personal wellness and caring for our environment!

Here’s a recap of what went down over the past 12 days of Live It Up! 2020, our annual wellness and environmental sustainability movement.

The #LiveItUp Digital Experience

Join us online as we bring you a series of curated content that aims to empower individuals in CapitaLand's Workspace community, to take charge and work towards a healthier and greener lifestyle — anytime, anywhere!

Live It Up! 2020 may be over but you can still continue to discover tips, activities and creative ideas on all things wellness and sustainability to get you going! No stress - read them at your own time and pace! 

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As Live It Up! 2020 goes digital this year, we will be sharing more wellness tips and sustainability ideas on our social media platforms in interactive ways that you can participate in.

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