6 Stress-Busting Activities To Do Based On Your Personality Type

Check out these local activities tailored to each personality type for a truly unique way to unwind and keep stress at bay.

Based on a 2020 study by a tech company Kisi, Singapore has once again emerged second in rank among top overworked cities in the world. Suffice to say, for city dwellers like us - practising self-care and keeping ourselves in check has never been more important. With the pandemic putting travel on a halt, what used to be the antidote to stress has now found alternatives in the form of local activities. Step away from the busyness of life and set aside some downtime to recharge.

Check out these local activities tailored to each personality type for a truly unique way to unwind and keep stress at bay. Read on to find out which activity suits you best!

1. For the Ambitious Overachiever 

Image credit: Axe Factor Facebook Page


Driven and known to be the competent ones among the lot, the ambitious overachiever holds themselves to high standards. These individualists enjoy basking in the limelight and are always up for a friendly competition. To them, life is all about giving their best shot. With a tendency to be impatient, they delight in instant gratification and are driven by results. On the flip side, they tend to be sensitive to criticisms and may become filled with anxiety when things do not turn out their way. For them, the best way is to let off some steam through an individual sport like axe throwing.

Activity recommended for you: Axe Throwing

Axe throwing offers a great form of cathartic release to chop up pent-up stress. A sport that requires full hand eye coordination, hurling axes across the room is beneficial for these achievers who enjoy ranking up the scoreboard as they work towards that coveted bull’s eye. 

2. For the Logical Analyst 


Objective by nature, logical analyst types are often found somewhere by themselves figuring out theories or just being their introspective self reflecting over life. Although private and may appear withdrawn and cold, logical analysts take pride in their unique perspectives and delight in conversations that get them tinkering.  

Activity recommended for you: Stress & Immune System workshop from essentiallyMERIDIAN

Drawn by a thirst for knowledge, this personality type regularly engages the mind. Unsurprised, learning something new is not a chore but a form of joy for them. Logical analyst types will enjoy attending a Stress & Immune System workshop from essentiallyMERIDIAN that promotes natural therapy through Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The workshop covers self-remedy tips on effective ways to ward off unwanted stress. They will get to master meridian points and herbal aromatherapy to relieve common aches and pains such as migraines and stiff neck. This is especially suited for these thinkers who are looking to release built-up tension from an over exhausted brain.   

A community partner of CoSpace Park, essentiallyMERIDIAN workshops are available for booking on  http://www.essentiallymeridian.com/talks and is located at located at Haw Par Technocentre, 401 Commonwealth Drive, #01-03, SG 149598.

3. For the Social Butterfly 


The life of the party — social butterflies gain energy by being surrounded by people and have no qualms making a new friend. Boisterous and cheerful, people will be sure to hear of their infectious laughter way before they enter the room. These extroverts are always up for anything new and will often be seen mingling over food and hearty conversations.

Activity recommended for you: Natural Wellness Tips workshop from essentiallyMERIDIAN

When it comes to socialising, late nights, food and wine can commonly lead to bad gut health. Take some time-off to reset and restore their gut health before the year-end festivities begin with this Natural Wellness Tips workshop from essentiallyMERIDIAN. They will get to unpack the concept of Meridians “Qi” and understand how it contributes to boosting their vitality.

A community partner of CoSpace Park, essentiallyMERIDIAN workshops are available for booking on http://www.essentiallymeridian.com/talks and is located at Haw Par Technocentre, 401 Commonwealth Drive, #01-03, SG 149598.

4. For the Free-Spirited Artist 

Image credit: The Green Capsule


On the outside, these free-spirited artists may seem quiet and shy. But deep within dwells a passionate and imaginative self waiting to be unleashed. They are intuitive, observant and usually have a knack for the arts due to their strong aesthetic sense. This personality type values authenticity, empathy and tends to experience deep emotions.

Activity recommended for you: Air Plant Greenwall workshop by The Green Capsule

The best way for free-spirited artists to de-stress is definitely through creative work! Hands-on activities are the perfect weekend activity for them to switch off from the day-to-day work stress and make time for themselves. Through The Green Capsule’s Air Plant Greenwall workshop, this personality type will enjoy spending the afternoon working on their personal living art to display on the work desk or home. Typically, craft work is used as a diversional therapy. Such activities are suited for individuals who tend to overthink as it enables one to focus on the present by entering an immersive ‘flow’ state through repetitive work. 

Discover other workshops available at The Green Capsule on https://www.thegreencapsule.com.sg/17-workshops or head down to their store located at Funan, 107 North Bridge Road, #04-11, SG 179105.

5. For the Spontaneous Adventurer 

Image credit: Beyond Expedition SG


Adventure-seeker types are those on a constant search to push boundaries. Likely one with riskier behaviours, they tend to enjoy the thrill of the unknown and get energised by being out in the great outdoors. Enthusiastic and filled with great zeal for life, they are the daredevils who exude an air of confidence and charisma. Because of their need for spontaneity, this adventurous bunch can become easily bored and tend to lack focus in their approach towards life. 

Activity recommended for you: Explore Singapore’s Hidden Places

A day out under the sun is the best form of de-stress for this personality type. Get charged up on endorphins by submerging into the unknown! They will be elated to escape the hustle and bustle of Singapore’s concrete jungle and embark on an adrenaline rushing experience into Singapore’s hidden places. There are plenty of adventure agencies that offer guided tours exploring abandoned bunkers and muddy trails, simply search up “Singapore Hidden Places” on Google and find one that speaks to you most. Go forth and conquer!   

6. For the Kindred Spirit


Kindred Spirit types are the gentle friends who will do no harm. Usually soft-spoken and affectionate, they desire to make the world a better place by uplifting others and spreading compassion. They are the ones who find fulfilment in helping and serving the people around. However, such personality types tend to be easily affected by the opinions of others and are infamously known as worry-warts. 

Activity recommended for you: Essential Oil Therapy Workshop by Scent By SIX

For these delicate ones, it is not uncommon to be faced with insomnia and anxiety when brooding strikes late at night. They will be happy to discover the wonders of essential oil therapy and how it can be the best form of self-medication. Book a workshop with artisanal fragrance label - Scent By SIX and reap in the healing benefits of these oils. When it comes down to this personality type, soothing lavender essential oil makes for the perfect bedtime scent (paired with a mini nebuliser). Aromatic and fresh, lavender promotes relaxation and relieves insomnia, inflammation and more. Peppermint will be an alternative for focus and concentration. Best of all, these refreshed kindred spirits will get the opportunity to help others in need with this new-found knowledge! 

Scent By SIX is located at Bugis Junction, 200 Victoria St, #01-15, SG 188021

Indeed, there are truly many ways for one to unwind and relieve stress in Singapore! No matter the personality types, take your pick and give these activities a go for a full-day recharge today.

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