As Singapore progresses to realize the vision of a smart nation, the future of retail is also transforming towards seamless omni-channel retailing. The first major step in this direction is the drive towards a cashless society with the push for a common SG QR code that makes mobile payment ubiquitous across stores. How is the current fragmented digital payment landscape going to be transformed? How will this new form of digital payment better enable omni-channel retailing?

Beyond digital payments, the rise of blockchain technology and machine learning is also making waves in managing the world of retail. What are the practical applications and opportunities from these technology for retailers? Come join us at Retail Future 2018 to find out more on the impact of new technology on the future of retail.

Date: 5 April 2018 (Thursday)

Venue: Raffles City Convention Centre, Level 4, Stamford Ballroom 

Time: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm (Registration begins at 8:00am)  

This is an invitation-only event for CapitaLand retailers.  For enquiries, please email Ms Angeline Long at

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Welcome Address

Speaker: Mr. Lim Ming Yan, Group President & CEO, CapitaLand Limited


Growth of Mobile Payments 
Usage of mobile payments has seen accelerated adoption by businesses and consumers as Singapore strives to be a cashless society. What are the consumer needs that are driving consumer adoption? What is the future of mobile payments? How can retailers leverage on the CapitaStar platform to unlock new economic opportunities?

Speaker: Mr. Wilson Tan, CEO, CapitaLand Retail


Drive towards a Cashless nation
Singapore will have a common Singapore QR code which will be rolled out this year to facilitate the push towards cashless payments. How will this initiative bring about interoperability across payment systems? How will the adoption of this simplify payment operations and benefit retailers? What will be the driving factors for wide adoption of this new mobile payment mode among consumers?

Speaker: Ms Jocelyn Ang, Chief Operating Officer, NETS 


Mobile Payments Drive Greater Consumer Purchase
Mobile pay apps like Alipay, is expanding rapidly beyond China to Asia, Europe, Australia and the US. How has the use of mobile payments driven higher consumer spend? With millions of registered users on these mobile pay apps, how can retailers tap on it to drive purchase from tourists and also local expatriates?

Speaker: Mr Melvin Ooi, Country Manager, Cross-border Business, Singapore, Maldives and Sri Lanka, Alipay    


Evolution of Key Payment Ecosystems 
How will the mobile payment landscape evolve as each key payment player innovates to enable the realization of the vision of a cashless nation and achieve widespread consumer adoption across ecosystems?



  • Mr Wilson Tan, CEO, CapitaLand Retail
  • Mr Nicholas Lee, CEO, EZ-Link Pte Ltd
  • Ms Jocelyn Ang, Chief Operating Officer, NETS
  • Mr Ho Yat Wai, Country Manager, Singapore, American Express
10:30am  Tea Break & Experience Innovation Zone 

Big Four Technologies Changing the Face of Retail
The face of retail is changing with the rise of cutting edge technology in machine learning, IoT, Blockchain and mobile apps. What does each technology mean specifically for the retailer? What is the impact that these technologies can have on retailers’ P&L? Noah Herschman was a Category Leader at Amazon and helped drive some of the key technologies that has allowed Amazon to grow as fast as they have. Noah will adopt a case study approach to share on how these technologies when used right will generate a positive impact on retailers.

Speaker: Mr Noah Herschman, Senior Retail Industry Architect, Microsoft


Turn Retail Data into Profits
The nuances and challenges of retail in Asia include rolling out an efficient CRM, having a lean marketing team, or simply achieving a single customer view of the random data collected from different sources. How can retailers overcome these challenges to reduce their reliance on discounts to capture opportunity customers? How can retailers see an uplift in sales in 12 months through data intelligence? Hear from A.S. Watson Group on how they have harness the benefits of big data in their retail operations.

Speaker: Ms Wendy Chen, CEO, Omnistream & Mr Bertrand Chen, Group Data Scientist, CK Hutchison Holdings Limited


Winning game plan for retail in the Digital Age 
With the proliferation of retail tech in the market, how could retailers better decide upon the right tech to invest in and drive ROI? Where does experimentation stop and actual adoption into the core strategy begin?



  • Mr Noah Herschman, Senior Retail Industry Architect, Microsoft
  • Ms Wendy Chen, CEO, Omnistream
  • Mr Bertrand Chen, Group Data Scientist, CK Hutchison Holdings Limited
  • Mr Nitin Chhabra, CEO, Ace Turtle


12:10pm Lunch & Networking
1:00pm End of Programme