What are we looking for?

We're looking for creative yet practical green ideas! There's no such thing as a bad idea - every single idea will contribute to our green idea bank and bring our community one step closer to going green!

With all the great ideas from our community, we hope to inspire the CapitaLand's Workspace community to start thinking sustainably and about the little creative ways to adopt green habits in our daily routine!

How to participate?

Step 1: Have an idea in mind! Your idea must adopt one of the following themes:

a. Food
b. Household
c. Recycling/Reusing/Upcycling

More details about the themes can be found below.

Step 2: Submit your ideas by Friday, 2 April 2021, 11.59pm, via our online form: https://bit.ly/letsgetdowntoearth.

Step 3: Elaborate on your idea. Tip: include a photo to better represent your idea.

*The Contest is open to tenants of CapitaLand’s Workspace only.
*Multiple entries accepted. 
*Other terms & conditions apply. Click here to find out more. 

Adopt one of the following themes:

Singapore is home to a melting pot of various culinary cuisines.

Did you know? The amount of food waste generated in Singapore has increased by about 20% over the past 10 years and is expected to increase with our growing population and economic activity.

How do you curb food waste? How about tips on going vegan? 

Share with us any green tips on reducing carbon footprint from changing the way we prepare or consume food!

Reducing environmental impact starts from our very own home!

How you maintain your home (or even renovate it!) has a great impact not just on your utility bills but the environment as well. 

What are the green habits you’ve adopted while you’re working from home? How about tips on saving water and electricity?

No effort is too little to be noticed! Share with us some of your green tips you've adopted at home!

Did you know? Paper packaging that are contaminated with food, tissue paper (used or unused) and plastic toys, are some of the many items that cannot be recycled?

Recycling is tricky and not easy but it's not impossible! With a little practice and more understanding about recycling, we can build a recycling culture in Singapore! 

How do you recycle at home or at work? Do you have any tips you personally adopt when it comes to identifying items that can or cannot be recycled? 

For items that cannot be recycled, how do you reuse/upcycle them?

Share them with us!

Judging criteria


• Feasibility of implementation of idea
• Ease of adoption by user


• Originality of idea 
• How sustainable is the idea? 


• Clarity of ideas –
in words or visually.
• Elaborate on
how the idea is being adopted. 


A total of 9 winning entries (3 from each theme) will be picked and each winner will receive a $200 e-CapitaVoucher!

Ready to submit your idea?
Submission closes Friday. 26 March 2021, 11.59pm.

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Need some inspo?

Check out our Green Idea Bank for some examples of simple and practical green tips!

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Reach out to us at ywc@capitaland.com.